Driving Customer Success in the Last Mile

When delivery businesses make promises to their customers—DispatchTrack makes sure they deliver. Check out our case studies to learn how.


More than 2,200 companies around the world rely on us

"DispatchTrack’s pallet scanning makes a faster, more efficient delivery process. We’re extremely happy with the level of partnership DispatchTrack offered to build out and refine this functionality with us."

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"SiteOne's aspiration is to provide the best customer experience possible. DispatchTrack helps us do that—while minimizing fleet expenses."

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"Thanks to DispatchTrack, Edimca has total control of our delivery times."

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"We chose DispatchTrack because it is the best technology partner in the industry. We really appreciate their attention and quality of service, and their application is very intuitive and did not require further training. We have reduced calls and emails by 25%, and the implementation of the track widget allows our clients to monitor their deliveries in real time."

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"When you work with a partner like DispatchTrack that can truly make our associates’ lives easier at the local level while also pleasing the customer, that’s a win-win situation."

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You’re not on your own.

We value our customers and have designed our organization to be true partners in your journey. Our dedicated Customer Success team is prepared to provide a wide range of services to ensure your success with DispatchTrack:

  • Implementation & onboarding
  • Training & retraining
  • Guided change management
  • Best practices and user guidance
  • Recurring check-ins
  • Designated Customer Success engagements
  • 24x7 Customer support