Driving Customer Success in the Last Mile

When delivery businesses make promises to their customers—DispatchTrack makes sure they deliver. Check out our case studies to learn how.


More than 2,200 companies around the world rely on us

"The flexibility and customisation of the DispatchTrack platform to the Berry Bros. & Rudd internal processes has been fantastic. We now have visibility and control over our last mile that is enabling us to deliver the superior service our customers deserve. Since implementation almost all our metrics have improved! The support we have received throughout our implementation has been great, and we are now looking forward to working on further enhancements to improve our internal processes even more."

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"With DispatchTrack, we can make sure our routes are profitable. It makes life a thousand times easier to have all the info right there when you’re routing—and the owners are ecstatic."

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"DispatchTrack’s routing has helped us to utilize equipment significantly more efficiently. Before adopting their solution, we were totally reliant on the knowledge of dispatchers and drivers. Now, we can actually take on more customers with the same equipment thanks to DispatchTrack."

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"With DispatchTrack, all the information is right there. We can add stops, deliveries, and pickups to a route on the road instead of having to call the driver—reducing time on the phone for both the transportation department and driver. Between GeoTab integration, asset management functionality, and the driver behavior app, we can easily track exceptions and communicate with the driver in real time. DispatchTrack has helped us save more than $120,000 in 2 years—and that’s before we even put a number on the time savings..."

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"DispatchTrack's hybrid routing allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings"

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You’re not on your own.

We value our customers and have designed our organization to be true partners in your journey. Our dedicated Customer Success team is prepared to provide a wide range of services to ensure your success with DispatchTrack:

  • Implementation & onboarding
  • Training & retraining
  • Guided change management
  • Best practices and user guidance
  • Recurring check-ins
  • Designated Customer Success engagements
  • 24x7 Customer support