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Ferguson Case Study

"When you work with a partner like DispatchTrack that can truly make our associates’ lives easier at the local level while also pleasing the customer, that’s a win-win situation."

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Building Supplies

Ferguson Enterprises is one of the country’s largest providers of quality plumbing and building supplies to contractors, homeowners, and construction sites.

The Challenge: Delivering on a Strong Customer Service Vision with the Right Partner

Ferguson's on-premise legacy routing technology was making true efficiency and visibility impossible. To meet time windows consistently, they often had to run their trucks at half capacity, and deliveries carried out by 3PLs had to be routed by hand.

The Solution

To solve this problem, Ferguson partnered with DispatchTrack to update their legacy technology and move their last mile technology to the cloud. DispatchTrack offered a comprehensive platform with a host of invaluable features:

  • Live customer self-scheduling of deliveries based on capacity-aware time windows
  • Fast, accurate, scalable routing based on driver/technician skills and other factors. 
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use UX with easy integration for 3PL partners
  • Comprehensive, real-time visibility into the entire last mile

The Results

1,100 sales locations adopted DispatchTrack in 3 months, with 98% compliance. This had an immediate impact on the company across all sales verticals. 

With a comprehensive last mile hub, Ferguson’s 10,000 dispatchers could see all their orders, schedule deliveries to align with project schedules, and track delivery statuses in one place. This meant smoother routing and scheduling for 4,000+ delivery assets every day and game-changing last mile visibility.

Plus, they were able to extend these capabilities to 350 3PLs. This has helped them to better utilize capacity, consistently delight their customers, and boost their bottom line. 

"At ProMed, our top priority is giving our customers what they need to succeed—and that’s exactly what DispatchTrack empowers us to do. The DispatchTrack platform has helped us speed up routing, improve visibility across our deliveries, boost connectivity with drivers in the field, and offer a world-class delivery experience to our customers. The effect is a total digital transformation of our last mile deliveries"

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"Before DispatchTrack we were averaging 17 deliveries per vehicle. Today we can make 24 to 26 deliveries per vehicle, making a positive economic impact on Olimpica superstores and helping the environment."

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"Now that we’re through the chaos of the pandemic, we need to redouble our focus on service. For us, it’s all about the productive delivery—and that’s exactly what we get from DispatchTrack."

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"SiteOne's aspiration is to provide the best customer experience possible. DispatchTrack helps us do that—while minimizing fleet expenses."

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