About Us

DispatchTrack was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Satish Natarajan and Shailu Satish to reduce the costs and complexity faced by delivery companies. They were inspired by a couch.


Having met in graduate school, the two computer scientists started a successful software business with operations in India and offices in California. Needing a new couch, they purchased one at a local retailer, with delivery promised in six to eight weeks. On the day of the delivery, the store was unable to tell them what time the couch would be delivered — a problem for the busy business owners — and when it did come, the couch was missing a cushion.

After a week went by with no contact from the store, they dropped by to speak with the salesman who’d sold them the couch. He was apologetic, explaining that the missing cushion was probably somewhere in the delivery documents, but that no one had pointed it out so it had not been ordered. Out of sight, out of mind. Their experience of buying the couch had been very good, but the delivery didn’t live up to their expectations or those of the retailer.

This, they could see, was a problem for the delivery industry — and one that technology could definitely solve. Within two months, they had a prototype, and by July, they were at a major furnishings trade show demonstrating it to hordes of eager retailers.

Over the next decade, by listening to their customers, the DispatchTrack team found ways to solve more problems, serving customers in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. The company expanded the product to serve operators in 3PL, appliances, wholesale food distribution, wine and spirits, building supplies, package delivery and other industries. DispatchTrack is still led by its entrepreneur founders and their core team of collaborators.

Our Investor

In 2019, DispatchTrack received a $144 million investment from Spectrum Equity. Spectrum is the financial partner of many successful tech companies including GrubHub, GoodRX, Ancestry, and SurveyMonkey. Vic Parker, managing partner for Spectrum, and Adam Gassin, Spectrum principal, are members of the DispatchTrack board of directors, working closely with the leadership team.

Spectrum Equity

Partnerships & Associations

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Our Values

Today, the guiding principles of DispatchTrack are the same as those on which the company was founded.



We believe that if you can optimize, you must optimize. DispatchTrack strives to squeeze out inefficiencies in everything it does, from the software code that makes the system run, to the the service it provides to customers, to reducing the impact of deliveries on the environment. By optimizing every element — planning, scheduling, routing, communication, proof of delivery, customer feedback — for delivery operators, we bring the power of SaaS technology to bear on real world problems.



To deliver the best service possible, we believe you must have transparency. You need visibility into your operations in order to know what’s happening. We strive to achieve that in our own operations and, through the tools in our product, we help our customers achieve it in their operations.

Keep commitments

Keep Commitments

The DispatchTrack ethos is simple: Keep every commitment you make. When customers ask us for features, for upgrades or for help, they know that what we say we will do, we will do.



We build trust with customers by delivering on our commitments and maintaining deep relationships. In the world of SaaS, it’s unusual to keep customers for seven or eight years, but we have some customers who’ve been with us for nearly as long as DispatchTrack has existed.

Diverse Challenges, One Solution

Every day our customers — retailers, wholesalers, last mile logistics — take on the challenge of delivering on time. All of these operations turn to DispatchTrack to keep the trucks rolling and customers happy.

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