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Meet Our Teams

DispatchTrack is a truly global and collaborative company, with employees, customers, and partners all over the world. Learn more about our teams in each of these locations:

Leadership Team

DispatchTrack's Leadership Team brings a unique combination to the table: long-time tech entrepreneurs plus experienced furniture industry veterans.


Satish Natarajan

Founder, CEO

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Shailu Satish

Co-Founder, COO

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Bill Hu

VP of Sales

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West 2

West Gass

VP of Marketing

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Geary Eppley

VP of Product

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Ido Sakal

Ido Sakal

VP of Finance

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Alice Wheeler

VP of HR

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Alex 2

Alex Buckley

General Manager, Europe

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Carlos Diaz

General Manager LATAM

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Bob Bauer

VP of Sales

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KB Madan

Director of Sales

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Sunanda Gundavajhala

Director of India Operations

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Our Values

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We believe anything that can be optimized, should be optimized. We strive to squeeze out inefficiencies in everything we do.

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We prioritize transparency in our own operations, and we aim to help our customers achieve it in theirs by offering them the right tools.

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Keep Commitments

Our ethos is simple: keep every commitment you make. When we say we're going to do something, our customers know we mean it.

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We've spent 10+ building trust with customers. How? By delivering on commitments and maintaining deep relationships.

Our History

DispatchTrack was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Satish Natarajan and Shailu Satish. In that time, DispatchTrack has grown into the leading right time delivery management solution relied on by 2,000+ companies around the globe.

Shailu and Satish
DispatchTrack’s story begins with two entrepreneurs and a couch. After a smooth experience buying new living room furniture for their home, Shailu Satish and Satish Natarajan were surprised by the complete lack of transparency in the delivery process. They had no idea when their new couch would arrive—and when it did, it was missing a cushion that no one could seem to locate. It quickly became apparent that this was a persistent, industry-wide problem—exactly the kind of problem they’d made careers of solving.

Within months, they were exhibiting an early prototype of DispatchTrack in front of home furnishing retailers. Over the next decade, the company grew into a leading solution provider, solving delivery management challenges for furniture retailers, food and beverage distributors, 3PLs, and many other businesses around the globe. DispatchTrack is still led by its entrepreneur founders and their core team of collaborators.

DispatchTrack: Recognized for Excellence

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top Supply Chain Projects 2022 WINNER Women in Supply Chain 2022 WINNER AJOT Top 50 Logistics Tech Provider 2022 WINNERFoodLogistics
Vendors in Partnership Awards 2022 FINALIST
Furniture Today 2022 Reader Rankings FINALIST
UK Business Tech Awards 2022 FINALIST
Logistic's UK 2022 Logistics Awards FINALIST

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Our Investor

In 2019, DispatchTrack received a $144 million investment from Spectrum Equity. Spectrum is the financial partner of many successful tech companies including GrubHub, GoodRX, Ancestry, and SurveyMonkey. Vic Parker, managing partner for Spectrum, and Adam Gassin, Spectrum principal, are members of the DispatchTrack board of directors, working closely with the leadership team.

Spectrum Equity

Partnerships & Associations

National Home Delivery Association
Oracle Netsuite