Real Time Delivery Tracking Software

Customers can self-track their deliveries online or by phone, reducing incoming calls and boosting satisfaction.


Let your customers track their deliveries in real time

For you, it’s just another stop. But for the customer, a delivery is an event.

It may be a small event — the arrival of a favorite product — or a large one, like the delivery of a spacious new refrigerator.

For B2B customers, a chef awaiting the timely arrival of ingredients before food service can begin or a construction supervisor expecting high-value supplies needs to know where their deliveries are. There’s anticipation. And accommodations may have to be made: Changing schedules to ensure someone’s there to meet the delivery, moving old things out and new things in. Your customers not only need to know when you’ll be there, they expect to be able to see where their delivery is in real time whenever they want.

With DispatchTrack Live Order Tracker:

  • Customers see dependable ETAs calculated by the most accurate routing engine in the industry
  • Customers can track their delivery from loading dock to front door online or using an automated phone system
  • Incoming calls to your dispatchers will drop, saving labor while increasing customer satisfaction
Real time order tracker

Customers can track their delivery from loading dock to front door online or using an automated phone system. They not only need to know when you’ll be there, they expect to be able to see where their delivery is in real time whenever they want.

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Transparency Builds Trust

Building customer trust is critical for all retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online.

Real time delivery tracking — when the order was loaded, when it left the dock, where it is right now, when it will arrive — increases your transparency and builds trust.

Meet Modern Expectations

Being able to see when their delivery will arrive and where it is right now is not an added feature — for today’s consumer it’s a baseline expectation. Meeting that expectation boosts the confidence customers have in your operation.

Give Customers Control

When customers can see the current status of their delivery in real time, they can plan their own schedules more accurately. This reduces frustration and gives them back control over their own time.

Fewer Inbound Calls

With instant access to accurate real-time information about their delivery, customers will not need to call. They can simply check in with their online device. For those who prefer the telephone to a screen, DispatchTrack Live Order Tracker is also available through our automated telephone system.

Bob Mills Furniture

“The customer experience has been taken to the next level with the tools provided by DispatchTrack.”

— Chris Dyson
Business Development Director, Bob Mills Furniture

Real Time Delivery Tracking: Complex Made Simple

Make no mistake, calculating accurate ETAs, delivering that information instantly and updating it in real time isn’t an easy problem.

DispatchTrack’s advanced algorithms solve that puzzle, putting the power of accurate self-tracking in the hands of your customers. Our software is complex, but the result for you and your customers is simplicity itself: The information they want and the information you need on screen, on demand.

Order tracking

All of the Details

DispatchTrack’s advanced routing engine uses machine learning — about your drivers, your routes, local traffic — to produce accurate ETAs. Then our Real Time Order Tracker presents them to you and the customer, updated in real time, along with GPS location and delivery details.

Driver Bio And Picture

For many customers, having strangers enter their home feels risky. The DispatchTrack Real Time Order Tracker presents a photo of the driver alongside a brief bio. They can recognize the driver when the order arrives, quelling unease and increasing trust in you and your staff.

Customized To Your Brand

Every customer contact is an opportunity to build rapport and brand loyalty. When tracking the delivery, the screens customers can access can be customized to reflect and reinforce your brand with imagery and messaging.

Call In for Update

Some customers prefer to get information about their delivery over the phone instead of through a screen. The DispatchTrack Real Time Order Tracker is available through an automated telephonic system without your dispatchers or CSRs having to answer. The system recognizes the phone number associated with the order, automatically loads the information and reads it to the customer.

Give Customers Control: Real Time Order Tracker

Put your customers first and lower labor costs with our Real Time Order Tracker. Customers see live updates to accurate, calculated ETAs and the actual location of their delivery so they’re more satisfied and call your CSRs less.


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