Real Time

Last Mile Visibility

The DispatchTrack Dashboard shows you every truck, route, and delivery at a glance. In depth and in real time.

DispatchTrack Dashboard shows you every truck, route, and delivery at a glance

Our Delivery Dashboard Puts You in the Driver's Seat

DispatchTrack’s graphical display gives you the confidence of knowing you’re in control.

DispatchTrack analyzes real-time data for each truck and displays it in color-coded charts and tables to give you actionable information at a glance so you can manage by exception.

  • Real-time visibility into field operations and exceptions
  • See the health of the operation and how each day is unfolding in real time
  • See delays, incomplete/abandoned deliveries and exceptional circumstances
  • Drivers can upload notes and photographs to document success, incomplete deliveries, customer refusals and other exceptions

The single-pane-of-glass Dashboard allows you to manage by exception. You immediately see the status of every truck, and every delivery is color coded to alert you to situations that need attention.

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Last Mile Visibility Perfected

DispatchTrack’s Dashboard is your virtual control center, allowing you to instantly see what’s working and if any situations are developing.

If there are, you can immediately get down into the details: the customer, address, crew, truck location and status and decide how to handle it. Instantly communicate with the driver and customer, plus view photos and videos uploaded from the stop.

Proactive Solutions

Using graphs and color-coded entries, you can see situations as they develop in the field and take action in real time to solve them. Simple graphics represent each of the day’s deliveries as a block: Gray is pending, green is completed; red indicates a problem. Simply click to drill down to the problem and create a solution.

Always Optimizing

Click on the map view to see the current location of each truck. As circumstances change, DispatchTrack is collecting, analyzing, and optimizing in the background. Your team can anticipate issues and advise drivers of adjustments they need to make based on the circumstances that develop while they’re en route.

Manage Delays Efficiently

In the fast-paced world of last mile logistics, even the best-laid plans can come undone. With all of the information about the planned route and the exceptions at your fingertips, you can create solutions and communicate them to your drivers in real time, rather than waiting until after they return to the warehouse.


“DispatchTrack allows us to get delivery problems resolved much quicker!”

Trey Smith

Vice President, Ivan Smith Furniture

Get The Big Picture at a Glance

The DispatchTrack delivery dashboard brings all of the data about your deliveries into a single screen. In one glance you can see how the day is going summarized in simple graphics, charts, and graphs. Completed deliveries, exceptions and failed deliveries are charted separately and color coded.

Another illustration of DispatchTracks visibility dashboard

Drill Down To Details

The DispatchTrack Dashboard summarizes your operation into a single, concise screen, giving you all of the information you need and none that you don’t. If something’s not going right, clicking on a truck or a single delivery expands your view to include everything about that delivery, including the driver’s notes, photographs and videos uploaded in real time.

Route optimization dashboard

See Every Truck, Every Stop In Real Time

Each truck has a unique identifier and is shown in its own column, with the crew’s names and each stop for that day. For each stop, you see the customer’s name, address, delivery schedule, and whether the delivery is pending, in progress, partially completed, completed, or failed. The drivers’ mobile apps update Dashboard statuses in real time.

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See your whole operation at a glance.

DispatchTrack’s advanced Dashboard shows you the location and status of every truck and every delivery at a glance. Get the jump on surprises and problems, solve them in real time and get your trucks back empty and on schedule.