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AI-Powered Route Optimization Software Nails ETAs

Get accurate ETAs while also optimizing delivery cost for thousands of routes — in seconds

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Route optimization software

When Your Plan Is Right, Drivers Are On Time

DispatchTrack uses powerful artificial intelligence-based algorithms to balance the factors that impact your costs and assign ETAs your drivers can deliver.

Your cost to deliver is more than just the price of fuel for the length of the route. There are the patterns of traffic in your delivery area and service time, which is impacted by the skill of the crew assigned to deliver. You may have customers with time window constraints.

DispatchTrack’s route optimization software considers all of those variables and more, crunching through thousands of permutations to find the most efficient route for each load on each day:

  • Distance
  • Drive time
  • Traffic patterns
  • Total route time
  • Driver/resource availability and cost
  • Resource skill level
  • Customer availability time windows
  • Customer tier level and preferred time windows
  • And it does all of this on a true SaaS platform that seamlessly connects all of your moving pieces — drivers, routes, trucks, loads, customers, clients, dispatches — in real time on whatever device they have.

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Next-Gen Route Optimizer Ensures Accurate ETAs

Massive computational power and machine learning combine to make sure you’re deploying resources efficiently and that you hit your delivery windows.

Route prediction

All Things Considered

DispatchTrack is able to incorporate scores of variables from distances and road speed on selected streets to the number of pieces in a delivery to the skill of the crew and preferences of the customer. Because it uses more factors, its predictions are more accurate.

AI-powered route optimization

Always Learning

Because it is tracking, geo tagging, time stamping and recording results from each truck each day, DispatchTrack is continuously learning about crew skill levels, delivery times and local traffic patterns. It uses AI to incorporate that knowledge into its ETA predictions, which get even more accurate over time.

Fast route planning

Instant Answers

The software computes thousands of permutations for thousands of stops in just seconds. This reduces your planning time. You can take new orders very late and still process them for next-day delivery, expanding your revenues and maximizing your assets.

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“We are seeing immediate benefits after implementing DispatchTrack. Our routes are more efficient, our cost per stop is down, and the driver morale has improved.”

Lee Goodman

CEO, Jerome's

Taming The Chaos With Artificial Intelligence

The advanced algorithms in DispatchTrack make your operation more efficient while giving routes and delivery windows you can actually meet.

Don’t Blame The Driver

If your drivers are consistently missing the ETAs assigned by your route optimization software, you don’t need new drivers, you need new software. The only way to produce accurate ETAs is to use software that calculates all of the variables: the truck, the skill of the crew, pieces in the delivery, physical barriers at the stop, and the road and traffic conditions of the route.

Accurate delivery ETAs

Thousands of Variables, Thousands of Stops

DispatchTrack evaluates all of the variables for thousands of potential routes and stops in seconds, analyzing each one for efficiency and timing until it finds the optimum combination of truck, crew and route that makes the best use of your resources, meets the customers’ desired delivery windows and can be reliabily performed by your crew.

Illustration of DispatchTrack's routing console

AI-Powered Machine Learning

DispatchTrack goes a step further: Its decisions are backed up by powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Using the daily stream of data it receives about actual drive times on the actual roads your drivers travel and actual delivery times achieved by your actual crews under a variety of conditions, DispatchTrack learns when to add ten minutes to drive times or an extra half-hour for the refrigerator that has to go up three flights of stairs. Your crews stay on schedule, your customers stay happy and your dispatchers respond to fewer phone calls. All while saving you time and fuel.

Delivery tracking
Accurate delivery ETAs

Efficient Routes, Accurate ETAs

DispatchTrack's route optimization software goes beyond standard software, combining real-world data from your fleet with AI to give the most accurate ETAs while containing costs.

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