Customer Self-Scheduling

Let customers self-schedule based on your delivery capacity.

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Customers Choose Their Time Windows—We Handle the Rest


You can define capacity by zip code or by zone and include calculations for service time on deliveries that require it, so you're never promising delivery timelines that you can't meet. 

Customer Convenience

Instead of calling the customer and hoping they're ready to schedule, DispatchTrack enables you to send a self-scheduling message that customer can look at when they're ready. This reduces phone calls and frustration all around. 


DispatchTrack dynamically generates time windows for you based on your capacity, so customers choose from options that are actually feasible. Your customers get the freedom to choose without upending your delivery plans. 

Giving customers the ability to schedule their own deliveries is not only more satisfying to them, but also results in fewer customer not-at-homes. If they pick the delivery time, they’re more likely to be there, and DispatchTrack’s combination of automated scheduling and communications follow up minimizes costly re-deliveries and the chance that merchandise may be damaged when returned to the warehouse.

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Fewer Calls, Smarter Routes

Using SaaS-based routing technology to simultaneously optimize your loads while offering customers a choice of delivery times, DispatchTrack can boost both your efficiency and your customer satisfaction, earning you higher ratings and helping you save costs.

Reduced Scheduling Costs

On average, it takes an agent 2.5 phone calls and five minutes to reach a customer to schedule a delivery. If you’re running 10 trucks, that could easily take 500 minutes—over nine hours—a day. And while scaling up deliveries incrementally using human operators is problematic, DispatchTrack can schedule an additional 10 deliveries, or 50, or 100, with no additional scheduling manpower.

Better Customer Experience

The DispatchTrack scheduling portal is available 24/7, so customers can schedule when it’s convenient for them—even after hours when they can check with family members. Picking their delivery time gives customers some control and is more satisfying. And they’re less likely to miss the appointment.

Level Loads, Optimal Routes

DispatchTrack knows the capacity you have available, where and at what times, so it can dynamically allocate your resources. It offers customers windows that make sure your trucks are level-loaded and their routes are optimized. Your can reduce costs while also raising customer satisfaction.

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“DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.”

Tony Mitchell

DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.

The DispatchTrack Solution

DispatchTrack's solution offers best-in-class customer self-scheduling. Behind the scenes, our delivery scheduling software is rapidly performing complex calculations that balance your trucks, crews, and time while giving the customer options that work for them.

Branded Scheduling Experience

Customers receive branded communications with instructions for choosing a delivery window. They can fill in a brief pre-delivery questionnaire to uncover whether extra time, crew or equipment will be needed. That information is fed to the DispatchTrack engine for processing. If they don't see any options that work them, the system dynamically generates more. 

Branded delivery scheduling portal

Capacity Aware

Finding a window that works for your customer and for you requires matching your capacity to their availability. You can define your available capacity by zone or by zip code and can specify:

  • Truck volume
  • Number of stops
  • Service time
Decrease Waste Through Enhanced Visibility and Emissions Tracking

Calculated Delivery Options

DispatchTrack compares the customer’s delivery requirements with your capacity and presents many delivery options to the customer. You can offer customers control over their delivery windows without sacrificing route efficiency. 

Illustration of DispatchTracks delivery dashboard

Continuous Communication

DispatchTrack enables communications with the customer through email and text. DispatchTrack lets you confirm the delivery window with customers before routing their deliveries; it sends a notification the night before the delivery, when the driver leaves the warehouse, and when the driver is one stop away.

Customer receiving a delivery notification
Software for delivery self-scheduling

The Only Self-Scheduling Software

Only DispatchTrack allows for true self-scheduling through a white-labeled online portal.

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