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The Key to Furniture Delivery Is Making Promises You Can Keep

This is where DispatchTrack’s right-time delivery management solution comes in. We offer highly-connected routing and delivery management tools that help you complete more stops per day, minimize failed deliveries, and delight your customers.

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Achieve Consistent Right-Time Delivery

When you deliver at the right time, customers are more likely to be home to receive their deliveries. Not only does DispatchTrack ensure that you deliver at the right time by empowering your drivers with plans that are actually workable, we also provide a suite of customer communications tools to keep customers informed about their deliveries from end-to-end.

  • Maximize your capacity with efficient routes.
  • Seamlessly factor in service time and driver skill/speed.
  • Deliver at the right time, every time.
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Respond to Disruptions in Minutes

Keeping things on track on the day of delivery means spotting disruptions before they become a problem. DispatchTrack’s real-time visibility capabilities empower you to do just that. From a single screen, you can see the status of every truck, route, and order, drilling down to details as needed. The end-result is that you can spot late, failed, and incomplete deliveries easily, and act quickly to resolve the issues for your customers.

  • Track every order, truck, and driver in real time from a single dashboard.
  • Easily spot and manage exceptions from a dedicated tab.
  • Proactively resolve issues and delight customers.
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Drastically Cut Down Where’s-My-Order Calls

Customers increasingly see phone calls as an escalation. Not to mention the fact that fielding a high volume of calls from customers can be incredibly expensive, and take time away from more valuable tasks. Luckily, DispatchTrack’s furniture delivery app provides automated delivery notification and real-time delivery tracking to your customers—the result is that they don’t need to call in simply to ask about their order.

  • Offer real-time, self-serve delivery tracking.
  • Send proactive notifications on the day of delivery.
  • Let customers self schedule their own deliveries.
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The DispatchTrack Difference

Fast deployment, constant cloud-based updates and end-to-end functionality give you the tools to optimize the last mile and exceed customers’ expectations.

Routing software

AI-powered route optimization

Last mile visibility

Real-time visibility dashboard

Delivery scheduling


Last mile reporting and KPIs

Customized KPIs and reporting

Delivery notifications

Two-way customer communication

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“DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it's customer satisfaction management.”

Tony Mitchell

Warehouse General Manager, American Furniture Warehouse

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