Your customers are VIP. Exceed their delivery experience expectations.

Delivering and receiving "big and bulky" merchandise is an experience that customers remember. Have a keen eye on the details, send relevant communication, and provide responsive customer sales and service with DispatchTrack.

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Last Mile in Furniture & Appliance

  • Prioritize the Customer: Create a customer delivery experience that becomes an essential part of your company's brand.
  • Stay engaged with customers: Personalized notifications, live messaging, easy scheduling, and on demand sales and service--all from a single solution.
  • Raise your NPS the right way: Give your customers a reason to become your biggest advocates and endorsers. Create a reputation that becomes your company's most valueable asset.

Keys to furniture and appliance delivery

01 Customer
Delivering experiences

It's not just about moving goods.  Customers are anxious for relevant information, personalized engagement, and attentive sales and service.  Be one step ahead and exceed their expectations.

02 Advanced scheduling
Smart scheduling

Give control back to your customers with self-scheduling options that are synced to your operations and team availability.  Flexibility to reschedule, adjust, and adjust again in order to complete the delivery and have satisfied customers.

03 Respond
Real-time delivery management

Track deliveries—and communicate with drivers—in real time to proactively manage execptions, provide updates to all team members, and send necessary information.

04 Digital
Digital proof of delivery

Gather signatures, take photos, note damages, and manage customer elationships, all on a mobile app that automatically syncs with the delivery, sales, and service teams.

image (54)
Routing for all scenarios

Routes that factor in predictive traffic, efficient routes, optimized sequences, on-site installation, return logistics, and many other real life scenarios in big and bulky delivery.

Furniture & appliance must-haves

Modern route optimization

Flexible route optimization

Create the shortest and fastest routes for your customers in minutes, accounting for schedules, equipment constraints, and team availability.

Returns management

Returns management

Bring damaged or returned furniture and appliances back to your warehouse with full visibility using the same delivery technology and teams.

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