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Edimca Case Study

"Thanks to DispatchTrack, Edimca has total control of our delivery times."

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Building Supplies

Edimca is a processor and manufacturer of a wide variety of wood and related products for use in construction, furniture and interior design. With roots extending back more than 90 years, it has played a leading role in the development of the forest products industry in Ecuador

The Challenge

The company’s logistics operations are key to Edimca’s success. They have to handle everything from finished solid lumber to plywood and MDF sheets to veneers, doors, pre-finished panels, manufactured metal drawers and cabinets, hinges, and doorknobs up to custom-designed interior projects for on-site assembly.

To reduce customer delivery times, Edimca needed precise and timely information on routes and stops, tracking and robust proof of delivery.

The Solution

After implementing DispatchTrack, Edimca’s customer satisfaction ratings improved substantially.

Our solution offered:

  • Digital signatures and photos in proof of delivery to increase delivery transparency
  • Real-time tracking of orders
  • Direct communication with the DispatchTrack support team to immediately resolve questions
  • High software availability and uptime
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to find opportunities to improve service
  • Direct communication with drivers

The Results

  • Simple and efficient integration
  • Improved tracking and visibility during shipment
  • Assurance that the order was delivered to the customer on time

DispatchTrack enables Edimca to plan and optimize its routes so that deliveries reach customers in the shortest time possible.

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