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Servicing Over 30 Million Deliveries a Year

DispatchTrack is the software trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. Companies in various industries including furniture & appliance home delivery, wholesale distribution, 3PL and consumer services are using DispatchTrack to efficiently manage and operate their last-mile logistics operations.


sofa Furniture & Appliance

Home delivery organizations servicing retail customers need to pay special attention to customer service while reducing delivery costs…
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WholeSale Distribution

Route optimization involving recurring deliveries and one-off’s is needed for cost optimization. Regulatory compliance requirements from DOT and FDA …
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Healthcare industries that DispatchTrack supports include medical supplies, transportation of patients, therapeutic wellness etc. These industries require thorough audit …
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bouquet Consumer Services

When you are delivering or servicing to households such as pool servicing, flower distribution etc., clear audit is needed to maintain customer’s trust …
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garageBuilding Products & Service

Garage door, window deliveries etc. that involve delivering to contractors that are working on residences have unique customer service challenges …
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“ DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.”

— Tony Mitchell

General Manager, American Furniture Warehouse



Routing & Planning

Master Route Planning
Daily Hybrid Routing
Continuous Route Optimization
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Driver Mobile App

Android & iOS
Store & Forward
Proof of Delivery
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Reservation System

In-store App
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Customer Communication

Email, Text, Phone
Call Ahead
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Telematics & Compliance

Tracking driver behavior
Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
Refrigerated truck compliance
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Billing & Settlement

Programmable billing rules
Automated imports
Data import from multiple sources
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Social Reviews

Integrated into the delivery process
Google Reviews
Improve online reputation
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Omni-Channel Order Tracker

Online order tracker & real-time ETA
Call-In order tracking
Real-time visibility on Dashboard
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