A Lot Can Go Right on the Last Mile

Streamline your last mile operations while elevating the customer experience. Optimize your logistics with advanced routing, an app drivers love, and flexible customer service tools.


We Help Route and Track Success for Over 60 Million Deliveries a Year

Achieve unprecedented efficiency and visibility across the most critical part of the supply chain. DispatchTrack's innovative cloud-based software empowers companies to seamlessly manage last mile logistics while delivering a significantly improved customer experience.

End-to-End Solution Overview

Better communication, execution, and efficiency mean bottom-line growth for your business and five-star reviews from your customers.


The quality of your logistics solution is equal to the routing engine’s sophistication and speed at its core. Our proprietary engine can rapidly plan and execute all the routes you throw at it.


Customers can self-schedule, confirm, or reschedule appointments through text or email. Meet the modern consumer where they are, their phone, while solving order matching between inventory and delivery capacity in real-time.


Give drivers state-of-the-art tools packed inside our app. The mobile suite is easy-to-learn and simplifies the dispatcher’s work while keeping them synced. The app makes the driver’s job easier and, as a result, is highly adopted.


We built our solution to provide end-to-end transparency from the customer up to executives. Dynamic yet easy-to-use tools keep you synced with your team while eliminating confusion and upgrading the customer’s delivery experience, like allowing them to track their truck on a map with real-time ETAs on day-of-delivery.


Reporting is crucial to running a tight fleet. Our system comes with a preset of different reports and the ability to build out custom ones. Data collected via your telematics hardware integrates seamlessly with the software allowing you to generate reports and keep your fleet safe and in-compliance.

Diverse Challenges, One Solution

Every day our customers — retailers, wholesalers, last mile logistics — take on the challenge of delivering on time. All of these operations turn to DispatchTrack to keep the trucks rolling and customers happy.

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Improve Your Customers' Experience

See how DispatchTrack’s advanced tools create a seamless end-to-end experience for your customers and give you complete real-time control.

Optimize Your Last Mile Logistics

A Buyer's Guide

Researching and selecting the right last mile logistics solution for your business can be overwhelming. This guide aims to demystify the process, providing you with a simple framework to approach the endeavor, covering aspects such as:

  • What you should know before you get started
  • The importance of product demos in your research process
  • The factors that should guide your selection and recommendation
Buyer's Guide

How Last Mile Carriers Work

Last mile carriers need visibility on their network and their customers need to stay informed. Modern logistics software can help do both.

Today's companies need to provide a stellar delivery experience that will resonate with customers and keep them coming back. That challenge starts the moment a purchase is made, but on two different fronts. The first is the customer experience side, and the second is how the goods are tracked internally. Both are important, but require completely different tools to get the job done right.

Here are the necessities DispatchTrack solves for everyone:

  • Transparency: e.g., customer self-scheduling and tracking widget
  • Communication: an automated system that leverages mobile technology
  • Contact-free proof of delivery tools
  • Customer satisfaction surveys & driver reports
How Last Mile Carriers Work

Is Your Fleet Ready for Full Transparency?

Transparency is the keystone of the modern delivery experience. 93% of customers reported they want to receive regular updates about their large-item deliveries. But not all operations are prepared for transparency. Too much visibility too soon could hurt you or damage a partner's brand.

3PLS must deploy a system-wide solution, integrating route optimization and seamless communications between dispatch, drivers, and customers. Learn more in our white paper study on radical transparency.

Transparency in last mile logistics

A Suite of Tools to Streamline Deliveries and Enhance Service

With tools built for every step of the last mile process, perfecting your operation is just a matter of time.

Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Perfectly optimized routes calculate the most accurate ETAs — in seconds.

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Order Tracker

Order Tracker

Continuous delivery self-tracking online or by phone reduces calls and boosts satisfaction.

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Telematics and Compliance

Telematics & Compliance

Know where your assets are and how they’re being used 24/7, plus automate IFTA and HOS logs.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Master changes to recurring routes by combining pre-planned stops with our powerful dynamic routing engine.

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Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Constant real-time text, email and voice between dispatcher, driver and customer.

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Self Scheduling

Self Scheduling

Give customers a sense of control by allowing them to self-schedule based on your optimum routing.

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Driver Mobile App

Driver Mobile App

Drivers love DispatchTrack. Our 98% uptake means you get the most from your investment.

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Pickup Logistics and Contactless

Pickup Logistics & Contactless

Real-time routing and self-scheduling make pickups painless and contactless possible.

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Real Time Visibility

Real Time Visibility

Every truck, route and delivery is displayed graphically and updated in real time on our graphical Dashboard.

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Billing and Settlement

Billing & Settlement

DispatchTrack logs every delivery and automatically calculates invoices and payments so you get paid faster.

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The last mile is about being predictable, efficient, and on time. Regardless of what you're building, delivering, or servicing, our software can improve your process.

Furniture & Appliance

Big-ticket deliveries are complex, stressful, and time sensitive. Let DispatchTrack take the uncertainty out of the equation...
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Food & Beverage

The need to keep it fresh and frequent makes food delivery especially difficult. DispatchTrack can route deliveries by tier and requested time window, make sure your trucks are fully loaded, and keep track of cases....
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Your shipment visibility is murky. Some packages have gone missing. The hospital is complaining about tardy deliveries. You need better logistics software. That’s where we come in...
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Consumer Services

Delivering the goods on time is a world apart from good intentions. DispatchTrack is built on the delivering part...
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Building Supplies & Service

You can forecast all you want but uncertainty is part of the construction game. That’s why, when you find software that brings clarity and control, you just make it part of the program...
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Grocery Delivery

Our turn-key software empowers operations of all sizes to modernize and deliver groceries to shoppers by simplifying the complex tasks of routing, customer communication, driver management, and...
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As the last mile provider, the customer's experience rests on your shoulders. DispatchTrack gives you the tools — intelligent routing, accurate windows, real-time communication, proof of delivery — to exceed their expectations.
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Wine & Spirits

Hauling temperature-sensitive high-value products presents unique problems. From super-early supermarkets to late-night bartenders, DIspatchTrack meets the challenges so you can deliver securely and on time.
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Our Story

It all started with a couch. Our founders have always loved solving hard problems. After a messy furniture delivery experience, they knew they had found their next challenge: creating software to perfect last mile delivery for dispatchers, drivers, and customers all at once.

Bob's Discount Furniture

"We can't be good, and we can't be great, we have to be exceptional. Partners like DispatchTrack help us get there from mobile to routing and communication; all those components are key."

— Pete Sorrentino
VP of Delivery & Logistics at Bob's Discount Furniture

Bob's Discount Futniture

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