Optimize Last Mile Logistics

From complex routing to real-time ETAs,
DispatchTrack solves all your last-mile challenges.


Revolutionizing Over 60 Million Deliveries a Year

Achieve unprecedented efficiency and visibility across the most critical part of the supply chain. DispatchTrack's innovative cloud-based software empowers companies to seamlessly manage last mile logistics, saving time and money, while also delivering a vastly improved customer experience. Better communication, visibility, and efficiency means bottom-line growth for your business.



sofa Furniture & Appliance

Big-ticket home deliveries are complex, stressful and time sensitive. Let DispatchTrack take uncertainty out of the equation…
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WholeSale Distribution

Wholesale is hard. Chefs don’t like late. Routes are always in flux and nuanced knowledge isn’t shared among the drivers. We understand your challenges to their core, and that means we know how to fix them...
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Your shipment visibility is murky. Some packages have gone missing. The hospital is complaining about tardy deliveries. You need better logistics software. That’s where we come in...
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bouquet Consumer Services

Delivering the goods on time is a world apart from good intentions. DispatchTrack is built on the delivering part...
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garageBuilding Products & Service

You can forecast all you want but uncertainty is part of the construction game. That’s why, when you find software that brings clarity and control you just make it part of the program...
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“ DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.”

— Tony Mitchell

General Manager, American Furniture Warehouse


An Entourage of Products to Serve You

Routing & Planning

Master Route Planning
Daily Hybrid Routing
Continuous Route Optimization
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Driver Mobile App

Android & iOS
Store & Forward
Proof of Delivery
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Reservation System

In-store App
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Customer Communication

Email, Text, Phone
Call Ahead
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Telematics & Compliance

Tracking driver behavior
Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
Refrigerated truck compliance
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Billing & Settlement

Programmable billing rules
Automated imports
Data import from multiple sources
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Social Reviews

Integrated into the delivery process
Google Reviews
Improve online reputation
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Omni-Channel Order Tracker

Online order tracker & real-time ETA
Call-In order tracking
Real-time visibility on Dashboard
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