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Berry Bros. & Rudd Case Study

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"The flexibility and customisation of the DispatchTrack platform to the Berry Bros. & Rudd internal processes has been fantastic. We now have visibility and control over our last mile that is enabling us to deliver the superior service our customers deserve. Since implementation almost all our metrics have improved! The support we have received throughout our implementation has been great, and we are now looking forward to working on further enhancements to improve our internal processes even more."

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Food & Beverages

Berry Bros. & Rudd has a rich 325 year heritage. Founded in 1698, they are Britain’s oldest wine and spirits merchant. Still family-owned and run, the company trades from its original shop, No.3 St James’s Street, though also now has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. With longstanding relationships with their producers, Berry Bros. & Rudd help collectors of fine wines and spirits build, manage and enjoy their cellars.

The Challenge

As a high-end wine and spirits merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd has an elite clientele. While they were using a routing solution for their last mile deliveries, the tracking information for customers was inaccurate and of little use. Given the value they place on customer service, Berry Bros. & Rudd started looking for a new routing and order tracking solution that offered better internal visibility and control with accurate order tracking for customers. In particular, Berry Bros. & Rudd needed a solution that was able to prioritize deliveries of customer owned stock [customer private reserve, CPR] in their own fleet rather than third parties, to guarantee they received a more personal service.

The Solution

After assessing several providers Berry Bros. & Rudd chose DispatchTrack due to the superior flexibility, visibility and control the solution gave them. In particular the ability for DispatchTrack to take custom inputs and custom tags meant Berry Bros. & Rudd would be able to identify their CPR customers and prioritize their deliveries via their own vehicle fleet rather than to a third party provider. 

They were also impressed with the automated routing capabilities of the DispatchTrack solution, including its speed, and the ease at which routes can be manually adjusted as circumstances required.

On implementing DispatchTrack, Berry Bros. & Rudd found they were able to streamline the way they pick orders for their vans in their warehouse, enabling drivers to get out earlier and spend more of their day delivering rather than loading and also reducing the need for temporary staff to process orders. Using DispatchTrack, Berry Bros. & Rudd now have the ability to route for two days in advance rather than one. This means if a van isn’t full they are able to pull forward orders from the next day to fill up a van’s capacity. This has enabled them to become more efficient by fully utilizing their vans and reducing
the need to sort orders prior to packing vans.

The use of order tags providing the ability to see and filter different orders and customer types on routing screens has been another significant benefit. This has helped Berry Bros. & Rudd to substantially improve the percentage of their CPR customers who get their orders delivered in their own vans.

The Results

  • DispatchTrack has enabled Berry Bros. & Rudd to streamline their operations through better visibility and more control over what they are putting onto their vans, freeing up driver and warehouse time, and reducing the need for temporary staff.
  • Since implementing DispatchTrack, Berry Bros. & Rudd have seen several measurable benefits including:
    • Contributed towards their best ever NPS score, with customers highlighting the delivery experience and improved accuracy on delivery arrival times as a key factor behind the improved scores.
    • Over the Christmas peak Berry Bros. & Rudd saw a 13% increase in van utilization, which, in turn, reduced the amount of orders they had to offload to third parties, therefore reducing costs. 
    • In December 2023 the customer service team saw 40% less “where’s my order” queries with an overall reduction in total customer queries of 30%.
  • Over the 2023 Christmas peak, Berry Bros. & Rudd doubled the number of CPR stock being delivered via their own fleet to 61% and are currently operating at 75-80%.

"DispatchTrack’s routing has helped us to utilize equipment significantly more efficiently. Before adopting their solution, we were totally reliant on the knowledge of dispatchers and drivers. Now, we can actually take on more customers with the same equipment thanks to DispatchTrack."

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"Our experience with DispatchTrack has been overwhelmingly positive. It has met our expectations in terms of improving our operational efficiency and service quality, and we’ve been delighted by its ease of use. In honesty, DispatchTrack has been a game-changer for our business, and we would highly recommend it to others in the industry. We are very excited about unlocking other features of DispatchTrack as we currently only use approx. 60/70% of the functionality that’s available."

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"Before DispatchTrack we were averaging 17 deliveries per vehicle. Today we can make 24 to 26 deliveries per vehicle, making a positive economic impact on Olimpica superstores and helping the environment."

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"DispatchTrack’s pallet scanning makes a faster, more efficient delivery process. We’re extremely happy with the level of partnership DispatchTrack offered to build out and refine this functionality with us."

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