National Home Delivery Cast

Peak Season is Always Around the Corner

Jun 11th, 2019  4 Min Read

Even now, in the sweltering days of June, hordes of buyers lurk over glowing screens, bookmarking items to purchase when the sales inevitably blow in with the holidays later this year. That’s when Peak Season hits, the high demand shopping season for oversized items which begins before Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas Eve. These two months can be the most stressful time of the year, in terms of national home delivery.

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Clear Communication, the Key to a Successful Delivery

May 22nd, 2019  3 Min Read

Since the days of messenger pigeons, people have been trying to share information with more efficiency and speed.Later, as technology expanded into new forms, so did our messaging options and with those came preference as well. Today we shudder at the thought of taking a voice call for exchanging basic details when a text or a tweet would do the trick. Companies need to take notice of the customer’s expectations so they can deliver accordingly.

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Oversized Items – Delivery Speed Challenges

April 23th, 2019  4 Min Read

To continue the conversation from my last blog post, we will look deeper into oversized home delivery communication and the speed of delivery. As we discussed, most consumers don’t understand (or care) that the process of delivering oversized products is far more complicated than that of parcel sized items. They expect their bedroom suite to arrive in the same amount of time as the set of sheets they purchased for it.

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Consumers in the Dark about Over-Sized Deliveries

April 11th, 2019   5 Min Read

For those of us who have been in the industry of delivering over-dimensional products to consumers, it’s no surprise consumers are confused why some items, (parcel sized items) arrive at their homes so quickly and without issue, while oversized items (goods larger and heavier than can be delivered by parcel delivery organizations) take longer and can be fraught with problems.

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Introducing National Home Delivery Cast

March 19th, 2019  4 Min Read

Welcome to my first post, the first post in a series that will be focused on the future of home delivery. Of course, that entails all the experience, lessons and mistakes I’ve lived along the way that helps shape my thoughts on the emerging trends within the opinions I’ll be presenting here.

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