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How Do You Reduce Cost-to-Serve? By Delivering at the Right Time, Every Time

We offer fast, flexible, easy-to-use route planning and delivery management software that helps you drive fewer miles and integrate your sales, delivery, and merchandising processes.

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Food and beverage delivery software

Reduce Cost-Per-Case with Right Time Deliveries

Your delivery promises to top customers are the backbone of your operation—but keeping those promises doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible. With DispatchTrack’s unique hybrid routing solution, you can give your best customers their preferred time slots while dynamically routing other stops around them to ensure high capacity utilization.

  • Reduce delivery costs with more efficient routing.
  • Easily handle off-day requests.
  • Deliver at the right time for your customers.
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DispatchTrack's routing console

Power Connectivity Across Your Operations

Delivery management can’t exist in a vacuum. Route accounting, warehouse management, compliance, and delivery management are all intimately tied up with one another, which means that connectivity and data integration are non-negotiable. That’s why DispatchTrack’s software for food delivery seamlessly connects with other enterprise systems to ensure you have the right data in the right place at the right time to effectively serve your customers.

  • Easily integrate with ERP, WMS, and route accounting systems.
  • Easily share data across your organization.
  • Provide new levels of cross-functional visibility.
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Blend Route Planning and Execution to Keep Your Delivery Promises

The best laid plans… are the ones you can actually execute. DispatchTrack’s hybrid routing ensures that your delivery routes are optimized with the right loads and sequences so your drivers can actually keep the promises you make to customers. But this doesn’t mean your plans are inflexible; instead, we make it easy to adjust existing routes to handle off-day requests and other last-minute changes.

  • Easily translate weekly/monthly plans into efficient daily routes.
  • Adjust routes in a matter of minutes.
  • Track deliveries in real time from a single-pane-of-glass dashboard.
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Seamlessly Connect Sales and Delivery

One of the biggest challenges in food and beverage distribution today is ensuring coordination between sales and delivery. When these processes are disconnected, it’s hard to ensure that customers are receiving the personalized service they need—and they may be tempted to look elsewhere for their product needs. Luckily, DispatchTrack offers a dedicated salesperson app to ensure that this disconnect doesn’t arise.

  • Provide visibility into deliveries via a dedicated salesperson app.
  • Ensure great post-delivery follow-up from sales and merchandising.
  • Focus on the right customers.
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DispatchTrack's seamless integration with drivers, dispatchers, systems, and customers

The DispatchTrack Difference

Fast deployment, constant cloud-based updates and end-to-end functionality give you the tools to optimize the last mile and exceed customers’ expectations.

Routing software

AI-powered route optimization

Last mile visibility

Real-time visibility dashboard

Delivery scheduling


Last mile reporting and KPIs

Customized KPIs and reporting

Delivery notifications

Two-way customer communication

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“DispatchTrack's hybrid routing allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings.”

Luis Porto

Director, Operations Development at Quirch Foods

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When you make delivery promises to customers, DispatchTrack makes sure you keep them. Talk to an advisor about how DispatchTrack can help transform your delivery operations.

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