Food & Beverage

Take change orders in your stride

A rich buffet of features increases food delivery profits.

The need to keep it fresh and frequent makes food delivery especially difficult. DispatchTrack can route deliveries by tier and requested time window, make sure your trucks are fully loaded, and keep track of cases.

Food & Beverage

How it works


The exact right route

DispatchTrack’s intelligent routing engine combines actual loading/driving/delivery times with customer tiers, preferred delivery windows, and the specific SKUs in each truck to produce the optimal route that gets the goods there on time without backtracking.

POD food

No more missing tomatoes

When the chef's not there to sign for incoming supplies, doubling back on a precisely timed route is not an option. By combining notes, photos, signatures, and workflows, DispatchTrack's proof-of-delivery platform cuts inventory losses.


Real time communications

Having dispatch, driver, and customer continuously connected in real time means the message -- updating a delivery, rerouting around traffic -- always gets through, increasing efficiency and satisfaction.


Easy adoption

Putting the power of DispatchTrack in your drivers’ hands through a smartphone leads to adoption rates of 98% while making retention easier.

Change order

Quick change artist

Modify standing customer orders without missing dock departure times while simultaneously integrating new information about drive and delivery times. 

Freedom Fresh Case Study

How a South Florida Produce Supplier Saved Money by Implementing DispatchTrack

Freedom Fresh has been providing fresh produce and high quality service to businesses in South Florida since 2001. But with three disparate solutions to cover truck routing, telematics, and asset management, their dispatchers were struggling to get the information they needed to proactively manage exceptions. By implementing DispatchTrack, they were able to:

  • Streamline their IT via a single, intuitive dashboard
  • Track orders, trucks, and exceptions in real time
  • Save $120,000 through reduced operational costs, new efficiencies, and inventory shrink

Handle all the exceptions

Broad-line suppliers, chains, and specialty distributors share incredible challenges. Support different types of customers seamlessly by combining tier ratings and time windows so that chefs get the fresh items they need for mealtimes while markets are stocked for the evening rush. Happy customers boost your profits, saving time while reducing costs and raising revenue.

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SaaS that satisfies

DispatchTrack was built from the ground up to realize the advantages of true software-as-a-service: there's no hardware to install, updates are in the cloud and available almost instantly to drivers and dispatchers alike, and we integrate with critical food industry systems including POS.


Security first

By segregating customer data and implementing all major enterprise security protocols, DispatchTrack keeps your data — and your operation — safe.