Optimize the last mile from order to deliveryfrom the loader to the sales rep

Food and beverage distribution is a blend of static and dynamic: deliveries to the same customers and the same destinations—but with variability in seasonality, orders and profitability. Optimize your last mile from end to end with a single platform that moves at the speed of the industry

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Last Mile in Food & Beverage

  • Plan ahead: Develop proactive processes by creating and simulating forward-looking delivery plans for your entire fleet in minutes.
  • It's a team effort: Involve everybody in your last mile team from the warehouse loader to the sales representative.
  • Know your costs: Food distribution is a slim margin business and improved visibility into your costs can drive profitable decisions.

Proactive food and beverage distribution

Territory planning

Plan routes that are balanced across sales volume, commissions, employee workload, route efficiency, and service times for your entire fleet.

Strategic route planning

Simulate and plan routes for each day of the week that are balanced across customer schedules, seasonality, and cost to deliver. Make adjustments and optimize route plans in minutes.

Daily route planning

Adjust static delivery plans with updated daily orders and routes. Optimize in minutes to identify the most efficient daily routes and review variances between static and daily plans to identify adjustments.

Digitized proof of delivery

Capture signatures, take photos, verify deliveries, document additional services, and provide delivery manifests—all using the same connected driver mobile app.

Sales and merchandising

A separate sales app integrated to the platform to provide live delivery data to the sales team to confirm customer satisfaction and plan upcoming orders.

Food & beverage must-haves


Hybrid routing

Blend your static plans with dynamic daily adjustments to continuously optimize your delivery cycles—even as new orders, new customers, and other changes are introduced.


Planned vs. actual reporting

View variances to your delivery plans with insights into cost-to-deliver so you can adjust and optimize for improved profitability.

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