Pickup Logistics Software

Fully Optimized Customer Pickups

Our pickup logistics software prevents overworked associates and parking lot traffic jams.

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DispatchTrack optimized the process to keep customers and staff safe

Customer Pickup Automated And Optimized

From the time an order comes in until the customer drives away, DispatchTrack optimizes every step to ensure maximum efficiency for you and maximum convenience for your customers.

  • Schedule pickup time windows based on store/warehouse capacity.
  • Push out automated alerts for customers and associates alike.
  • Capture proof of pickup to ensure a complete audit trail for every order.
Contactless Customer Pickup Automated And Optimized

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Make Your Pickups Just as Efficient as Your Deliveries

Most last mile solutions treat pickup logistics as an afterthought—if they offer it at all. Our platform treats it a key area for optimization.

When associates don't know which orders to pick when, and customers don't know when to expect their orders to be ready, the result is chaos across the board. DispatchTrack cuts through that chaos by ensuring total visibility and capacity-aware pickup scheduling. 


Keep Associates on Track

Once an order is scheduled for pickup, associates can see which orders need to be picked or brought out to customers—all from their mobile devices. This keeps the process flowing smoothly without requiring anyone to sit down in front of a computer during crunch time. 

Customer Pickup Experience

DispatchTrack lets you communicate directly with your customers across every stage of the transaction. They can choose their pickup slot online, get alerts when their order is ready, and check-in at the pickup site from their devices for a seamless experience.

All on Your Dashboard

As soon as an order is scheduled, it appears on your dashboard so you can follow it right through to drive-away. You can see upcoming delivery slots, whether the merchandise has been prepped, when the customer checks in, and even photographs to document the pickup.


1. Schedule

Customer selects pickup time.


2. Order prep

Wherehouse preps order.


3. Check in

Digital check-in guides customer to loading spot.


4. Delivery

Order loaded and documented.

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Customer Pickup Logistics Solved

The DispatchTrack system makes pickups more efficient and empowers your associates to be more efficient. That's because we optimize the whole pickup logistics process from end to end.


Schedule for Pickup

When a customer places an order, the system offers the customer several time slots they can choose for their pickup. The customer picks their time and the order is sequenced for the warehouse. Conversely, the system can also assign pickup times based on your capacity.

Self-schedule curbside pickup

Warehouse Preps Order

DispatchTrack notifies warehouse and store associates when it's time to pick particular orders. This takes the guesswork out of the process and helps keep everything moving smoothly. 

Warehouse preparation of delivery order

Check in Upon Arrival

When the customer arrives, the merchandise is ready to load and an associate is on hand to complete the transaction. Once the customer checks in digitally, they can even specify a parking spot for the associate to bring the goods out to.

Curbside pickup check-in

Done and Documented

The associate documents the merchandise so that, if it’s later damaged in transit or while unloading, you have a record—including photos—of its condition. The associate can even add a photo of the vehicle license plate so both parties have complete documentation of the pickup.

Proof of delivery documentation
Contactless delivery optimization

Pickup Logistics Made Efficient

With DispatchTrack Pickup Logistics Optimization your customers get added convenience and your facility operates at peak efficiency.

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