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Fleet management software and compliance simplified

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Fleet management software and compliance simplified

Telematics and Fleet Management Software That Just Works

From hardware selection through installation, data analysis, and compliance, the DispatchTrack telematics suite is the simple, comprehensive answer to fleet management.

  • GeoTab hardware reseller
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Comprehensive at-a-glance dashboard
  • Automated compliance reports
Fleet telematics dashboard

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Real Time Fleet Telematics

Using hardware from industry leader GeoTab, DispatchTrack gives you an accurate, up to the minute view of exactly where your trucks are and how they’re being driven. Our dashboard integrates GeoTab data and allows you to manage by exception while providing DOT-required compliance data.

Driver Behavior

Harsh cornering and acceleration reduces the life of your trucks and leads to breakdowns. With our telematics, you'll know how the truck is being driven. Engine exceptions are noted. Our mobile driver app collects required daily inspections and ROD data. And everything is displayed in a dashboard so you can manage by exception, keeping a lid on abuses.

Reduce Liability

Recording daily inspections and logs, reviewing driver behavior, and providing ongoing safety feedback tied to real world driver data can help reduce your liability in case of an incident. Making drivers aware they're always monitored and giving feedback can improve behavior, reducing maintenance on your fleet over time.


DispatchTrack's driver app is DOT-approved and meets all ELD requirements. Your driver — and your company — are prepared for anything from a roadside inspection stop to a top-to-bottom audit at all times.

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"We’re one of the three major final mile providers that cover the entire United States, and in the critical areas of route optimization and delivery execution, DispatchTrack is our application of choice."

Seth de Vlugt

Director of Customer Logistics at Ryder

The DispatchTrack Solution

DispatchTrack pulls together all of the pieces, seamlessly integrating fleet management into your daily oversight and reporting. From helping you choose the right telematics hardware to automatically logging compliance data, DispatchTrack will help you improve driver behavior, lower maintenance costs, reduce liability and simplify compliance.

GeoTab Hardware

We work hand-in-glove with GeoTab, the industry leading provider of telematics hardware, to choose the best solution for your fleet. You may prefer an OBD device for ease of installation and transferability. Or you may need a hardwired device specific to each model in your fleet. We have the experience to help you choose and the expertise to provision the harnesses you may need.

Telematics with GeoTab

Real-Time Data Capture

The GeoTab mobile app is integrated into DispatchTrack. Drivers input vehicle inspections and their driving log. The GeoTab device gathers information on how the vehicle is being driven, engine data and exceptions. DispatchTrack gathers the data and analyzes it for display on your dashboard at headquarters. You'll know — in real time and in detail — exactly where your assets are and how they're being used.

Capturing live data

DOT-Approved Compliance

Our mobile app on your driver's smartphone is a DOT-approved ELD. All of the data — from the driver's daily inspection to on-road behavior to record of duty — is logged. DispatchTrack compiles that data into reports you can use for compliance: IFTA, HOS, and DVIR. Our clients also use the reports to provide ongoing feedback and safety training for drivers to reduce accident liability.

Screenshots of driver's hours of service log
Visibility telematics solution

Instant Visibility for Your Most Expensive Assets

Monitor where — and how — your fleet is being used in real time with DispatchTrack's telematics solution.

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