Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and Hybrid Routing

Our route planning software combines recurring routes with dynamic updates to overcome the challenges of last-minute changes.

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Recurring deliveries are always the same — except when they're not

The power of the DispatchTrack routing engine not only makes routine routing, well, routine, but when the exceptions inevitably get called in, it can reload, reroute and replan your entire day — in seconds.

Wholesalers and distributors whose customers schedule recurring stops know that the routine is seldom routine. You have a customer who wants deliveries on Tuesday and takes a half-hour of service time. And on Tuesday morning they call to increase the size of the order by half, bumping your service time to 45 minutes. Or they cancel altogether and you’re looking for another order to put in their place.

Meet DispatchTrack strategic planning and hybrid route planner:

  • Set up optimized static routes for your recurring customers
  • When the change orders come, overlay your static route with an updated route from our dynamic routing engine to account for the changes
  • Optimize all of your outgoing trucks every day, controlling costs and keeping customers happy

When the change orders come, overlay your pre-planned static route with an updated delivery route from our dynamic routing engine to accommodate the change and still optimize your routes.

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Static + Dynamic = Optimized Hybrid Routing

Set rules for your customers, including by priority, and DispatchTrack will produce the routes that best combine capacities, time windows and customer ranking.

Precise Planning

Include all the variables that affect your cost. Your trucks have set capacity, even capacity by item type: You may have trucks with separate compartments for dry, refrigerated and frozen foods. DispatchTrack can precisely account for each type of truck and type of capacity by truck, giving you complete control.

Route Advisor

DispatchTrack's route planning software even coaches you through manual changes. When you manually add a late order on a truck, you get a thumbs up or thumbs down based on how well the change meets your goals for delivery window and managing costs.

Be Prepared

Are there holidays or special events on your horizon? Will there be extra traffic, extra stops, street closures or changes to regular customer delivery windows? With DispatchTrack, you can use the calendar-based planning to set up special rules and exceptions for specific days and roll them into your routing without a hitch.

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“DispatchTrack's hybrid routing allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings.”

Luis Porto

Director, Operations Development, Quirch Foods

What’s The Best Method To Use For Routing? All of Them.

Only the computational speed of SaaS-based DispatchTrack delivery planning software can consider all the different ways of routing stops and then combine them for ultimate optimization.

The Best of All Worlds

You may have a legacy router that uses standard routing, dynamic routing, zone routing or route fragments. It picks one method and then your dispatcher has to manually edit the route to optimize. DispatchTrack is the first last-mile SaaS route planning software that uses calendar-based route templates and combines dynamic routing, standard routing, route fragments, set appointments and preferred ID routing into one cohesive route optimization session.

Hybrid route optimization

Plan Precisely, Update Quickly

By preplanning your recurring routes with unusual precision — down to how many boxes of ice cream bars will fit your truck’s frozen compartment — you get full control of your capacity. That means squeezing out unused capacity to accommodate growth using existing assets. And when the change orders come in, DispatchTrack quickly recalculates routes and ETAs, while still honoring your priority customers’ preferred windows.

Reduce Cost-to-Serve with DispatchTrack’s Food & Beverage Software

Continuous Optimization

The flexible power of the DispatchTrack routing engine lets you get a jump on tomorrow’s routing this morning. You can route a truck immediately after an order is placed. Other stops will be added if they make sense, and any last-minute changes accommodated to make picking, packing and loading a seamless — and less chaotic — process.

Decrease Waste Through Enhanced Visibility and Emissions Tracking

All The Best Routing Schemes In One

Create a standardized plan for your recurring customers, then effortlessly recalibrate when they call in changes — all while honoring priority customer windows and controlling your costs.

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