Mobile App Delivers Success

Watch your deliveries happen in detail and in real time with instantly available documentation


Stay Connected in Real Time

DispatchTrack runs on the mobile device your driver already has; no dedicated hardware required.

Boot up new drivers in minutes and watch them deliver for you in real time: it's like they're in the office right next to you while they're at the drop-off doing their job. Drivers document everything in real time with photos, videos, signatures, and notes so you have all of the information about every delivery — instantly.

  • Runs on smartphones and tablets: Just download and go.
  • Push delivery instructions directly to drivers in real time
  • Works in areas without cell service
Last mile logistics app

DispatchTrack driver mobile app documents everything in real time with photos, videos, signatures, and notes so you have all of the information about every delivery

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Real Time Documentation, Real Time Results

The DispatchTrack app is your drivers’ co-pilot. From the morning vehicle inspection to return to warehouse, it lets him know the details of each job, provides the best route, conveys changes and additional instructions. At the dropoff, it collects signatures, notes, timestamps, photos, and videos verifying what happened and when. And it uploads everything — instantly — to your dashboard so you see, in detail and in real time, what’s happening.

Real Time, Really Useful

From first glance it’s obvious what tools are available and how to use them. That simplicity sits on top of powerful software that manages and optimizes delivery operations for wholesalers, retailers, and logistics operators.

Office & Field in Sync

Real time messaging between dispatch, driver and customer keeps everyone in sync, reducing customer not at home and surprises. It even collects and records required data to satisfy regulatory compliance.

Proof of Delivery

When drivers arrive to drop off, the app has already tracked and timestamped their route and arrival. Unexpected conditions and existing damage can be documented with photos, videos, and signatures, deterring false damage claims.


“Accuracy, accountability, coaching opportunity and performance improvements are all enhanced with DispatchTrack.”

— Normal Alegria
Director Guest Care, The Dufresne Group

Deliveries Solved Simply

We live in a real time world: Your clients want real time information on their deliveries, customers want real time confirmation of times. You need real time details on what’s happening with your trucks and drivers. DispatchTrack delivers all of that by putting powerful technology into a simple, easy-to-use app that works on the device your driver already has.

Runs On Existing Devices

The DispatchTrack driver app puts state-of-the-art logistics technology in your drivers’ hands on whatever device they already have. There are no proprietary devices to buy, distribute or train on.

Real Time Documentation

In addition to providing and tracking routes and times, the app documents every detail of the delivery. You can send detailed instructions to drivers, including step-by-step installation and set-up instructions in a PDF or in a structured workflow document that walks the delivery crew through the job step by step.

Easy To Use

Using a simple, self-evident interface that requires no explanation, drivers collect and upload all of the information you need to know exactly what’s going on in the field. If something unexpected happens — customer not home, challenging physical location, damage to property or merchandise — you’ll know instantly and can review notes, photos, videos, and signatures before the customer calls you.

Deliveries Fully Documented in Real Time

The DispatchTrack mobile app runs on existing devices and puts you in the driver’s seat in real time.

Deliveries documented in real time

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