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Stay connected with drivers in real time with our feature-rich driver mobile app.

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Stay Connected in Real Time

DispatchTrack runs on the mobile device your driver already has—no dedicated hardware required.

Drivers get turn by turn directions and can document everything in real time with photos, signatures, and notes. This gives you all of the information about every delivery—instantly.

  • Runs on Android and iOS devices: Just download and go
  • See status updates and proof of delivery instantly
  • Works in areas without cell service

DispatchTrack is much more than a driver tracking app. It documents everything with time stamps and geotags attached to photos, signatures, and notes to give you all of the information about every delivery.

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Give Your Drivers the Tools They Need to Thrive

The DispatchTrack app empowers drivers to do their jobs more effectively. From the morning vehicle inspection to return to warehouse, it lets them know the details of each job, provides the best route, and conveys changes and additional instructions. It even enables pallet scanning and provides digital delivery manifests to cut out unnecessary paperwork. 

Easy to Use

From first glance, it’s obvious what tools are available and how to use them. That simplicity sits on top of powerful software that manages and optimizes delivery operations for wholesalers, retailers, and logistics operators.

Office & Field in Sync

Real time messaging between dispatch, driver, and customer keeps everyone in sync, reducing customer not-at-home issues and surprises. The app even collects and records required data to satisfy regulatory compliance.

Proof of Delivery

Drivers capture digitized proof of delivery, which is time-stamped and geo-stamped to create a complete audit trail that's instantly available to dispatchers and managers. Unexpected conditions and existing damage can be documented as well to deter false damage claims.

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"We’re one of the three major final mile providers that cover the entire United States, and in the critical areas of route optimization and delivery execution, DispatchTrack is our application of choice."

Seth de Vlugt

Director of Customer Logistics at Ryder

Set up for Delivery Success

The goal of the driver app is to give the driver the tools to do their jobs efficiently. That's why we enable streamlined pallet scanning to simplify loading and unloading. Drivers also send updates on deliveries back to dispatch with the push of a button throughout the entire process—no need for phone calls. 

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Runs on Existing Devices

The DispatchTrack delivery driver app puts state-of-the-art logistics technology in your drivers’ hands on whatever device they already have. There are no proprietary devices to buy, distribute, or train on.


Custom Documentation

In addition to providing and tracking routes and times, the app documents every detail of the delivery, installation, or service. You can even prompt drivers with configurable forms to document the installation or service, all at the item level so you can capture the right data for the job.

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Deliveries Fully Documented in Real Time

The DispatchTrack mobile app runs on existing devices and puts you in the driver’s seat in real time.

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