Connectivity and visibility for every delivery

The use of outsourced delivery remains a key component of the last mile. Maintain real-time visibility and comprehensive connectivity to keep customers happy and deliveries running on time

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Last Mile in Distribution and Logistics

  • Optimize across your fleet: Get the most out of your delivery capacity to seamlessly meet customers' needs.
  • Build strong networks: Keep your customers happy with total visibility and consistent performance.
  • Digitize the details: A digitized process end to end to ensure accuracy and updated communication to all parties.

Optimizing 3rd party logistics:

Vendor management
Vendor management

Ensure real-time connectivity, visibility, and collaboration across an expansive distribution network.

billing and settlement
Billing & settlement

Capture all billing components like fuel surcharges, claims, stop pay, additional pay, and more. Leverage in-app invoicing with post-delivery details and SLA to secure payment.  

Mixed fleet
Mixed fleet optimization

Find the right balance of contractors vs. owned fleet options to ensure on-time delivery to the end customer.

Digital proof of delivery

Utilize digital proof of delivery via the driver mobile app to validate deliveries, generate documentation, and ultimately get paid faster.

05 Rservations
Capacity management

Gain visibility to real time capacity and proactively reserve space for orders across your distribution network to ensure on-time deliveries.

Distribution and 3rd party logistics must-haves:

Plan vs Actual reporting

Plan vs. actual reporting

View variances to your delivery plans with insights into cost-to-deliver to adjust and optimize for improved profitability.

Customer experience

Customer experience

Keep customers in the loop with automated and personalized notifications throughout the distribution journey, no matter who's delivering.

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