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Keep Your Delivery Promises—No Matter the Complexity

This is where DispatchTrack’s right-time delivery management solution comes in. We offer highly-connected and agile routing and delivery management tools that help you complete more stops per day, minimize failed deliveries, and delight your customers.

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Building supplies distribution software

Deliver at the Right Time—Every Time

When job site schedules depend on getting the right parts or equipment at the right time, there’s little room for late—or early—deliveries. Luckily, DispatchTrack’s route optimization capabilities are built to help you keep promises in the face of tight schedules and complex parameters.

  • Delight your customers with 98% accurate delivery ETAs.
  • Easily coordinate with job site schedules.
  • Maximize your delivery capacity.
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DispatchTrack routing console

Reduce Return Discrepancies and Loss of Inventory

In an industry where over-ordering is commonplace, managing returns with visibility and efficiency is non-negotiable. With DispatchTrack, every delivery is tracked in real time and documented seamlessly with pictures, notes, and signatures gathered by the driver. In the moment, you can see what’s being delivered and what’s being returned from the comfort of a single dashboard—after the fact, you have a complete chain of custody.

  • Track each and every delivery in real time.
  • Document deliveries with pictures, signatures, and notes.
  • Easily gain visibility into returns.
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Keep Customers in the Loop

DispatchTrack’s customer communication tools give you the ability to keep your customers informed and up-to-date via automated calls, texts, and emails—in addition to offering a dedicated real-time order tracking portal for customers. This means your customers can see their delivery ETAs and statuses in real time, so they can work with confidence that you’re on track to keep your delivery promises.

  • Easily send real-time delivery updates to customers.
  • Offer live delivery tracking through a branded portal.
  • Enable 2-way communication with customers.
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Accurate ETAs and real-time updates

Keep Customers Happy—Even with Last Minute Requests

Things move quickly in the construction and building supplies industry. New job site needs arise all the time, which means urgent, last-minute requests from contractors or other customers arise frequently. To keep those customers happy and retain their business, you need to be able to handle those last minute requests in spite of the complexity involved in changing your delivery plans.

  • Route thousands of stops in seconds.
  • Adjust routes on the fly.
  • Shorten delivery lead times.
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Fast route optimization tools

Eliminate Store/Warehouse Traffic Jams with Pickup Optimization

Businesses that offer store or warehouse pickup options to customers know that getting the process to flow smoothly can be just as difficult as delivery planning. That’s why DispatchTrack offers a dedicated pickup logistics app to ensure shorter wait times, happier associates, and less chaos when offering pickup options to customers.

  • Automatically manage pickup site capacity.
  • Notify customers throughout the process.
  • Empower stores and warehouse associates.
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Building supplies delivery software

The DispatchTrack Difference

Fast deployment, constant cloud-based updates and end-to-end functionality give you the tools to optimize the last mile and exceed customers’ expectations.

Routing software

AI-powered route optimization

Last mile visibility

Real-time visibility dashboard

Delivery scheduling


Last mile reporting and KPIs

Customized KPIs and reporting

Delivery notifications

Two-way customer communication

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“When you work with a partner like DT that can truly make our associates’ lives easier at the local level while also pleasing the customer, that’s a win-win situation.”

David Simons

Regional VP of Distribution and Operations, Ferguson Enterprises

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