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Keep Your Delivery Promises—No Matter the Complexity

Give your building supplies customers a B2C- worthy experience. DispatchTrack helps improve your delivery NPS with ultimate end-to-end last- mile visibility, robust customer communications and AI-powered routing that yields 98% accuracy for right-time deliveries, every time.

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Building supplies distribution software

AI-Powered Routing That's Miles Ahead of the Pack

Your customers’ job sites can’t stay on schedule if your deliveries aren’t on time. DispatchTrack’s advanced routing engine uses AI and machine learning to quickly create routes with ETAs your drivers can execute with 98% accuracy. We match the right drivers to the right equipment for the right jobs in a matter of minutes. 

  • Delight your customers with 98% accurate delivery ETAs.
  • Easily coordinate with job site schedules.
  • Maximize your delivery capacity—don't run your trucks half-full.
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DispatchTrack routing console

Reduced Return Discrepancies with End-to-End Visibility

In an industry where over-ordering is commonplace, managing returns with visibility and efficiency is non-negotiable. With DispatchTrack, every delivery is tracked in real time and documented seamlessly with pictures, notes, and signatures gathered by the driver. In the moment, you can see what’s being delivered and what’s being returned from the comfort of a single dashboard—after the fact, you have a complete chain of custody.

  • Track each and every delivery in real time.
  • Document deliveries with pictures, signatures, and notes.
  • Easily gain visibility into returns.
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Industry-Leading Customer Communications

You’ll know exactly where your deliveries are at all times—and so will your customers. DispatchTrack’s robust communications suite enables phone calls, texts and emails, all configurable and automated. Customers receive pre-scheduled notifications, route notifications, and day-of updates. Seamless two-way communications keep customers, drivers and dispatch in sync.

  • Customers can track their orders online in real time.
  • Automated delivery notifications with ETAs and route progress.
  • Customers get an automated CSAT survey.
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Accurate ETAs and real-time updates

An All-In-One Last-Mile Solution

DispatchTrack is a single solution for planning and executing last-mile deliveries from start to finish. There are no separate, disconnected modules. And DispatchTrack integrates smoothly with ERPs, WMS and other systems to ensure data integrity and efficient operations. Deploy across multiple branches and locations quickly, so you begin getting value in weeks, not months.

  • Scalable to thousands of trucks with no loss of performance.
  • Smoothly handle last-minute orders.
  • SaaS-native functionality ensures reliability, security and adaptability.
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Fast route optimization tools

Pickup Logistics Optimization That Eliminates Parking Lot Traffic Jams

Businesses that offer store or warehouse pickup options to customers know that getting the process to flow smoothly can be just as difficult as delivery planning. That’s why DispatchTrack offers a dedicated pickup logistics app to ensure shorter wait times, happier associates, and less chaos when offering pickup options to customers.

  • Automatically manage pickup site capacity.
  • Notify customers throughout the process.
  • Empower stores and warehouse associates.
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Building supplies delivery software

The DispatchTrack Difference

Fast deployment, constant cloud-based updates and end-to-end functionality give you the tools to optimize the last mile and exceed customers’ expectations.

Routing software

AI-powered route optimization

Last mile visibility

Real-time visibility dashboard

Delivery scheduling


Last mile reporting and KPIs

Customized KPIs and reporting

Delivery notifications

Two-way customer communication

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“When you work with a partner like DT that can truly make our associates’ lives easier at the local level while also pleasing the customer, that’s a win-win situation.”

David Simons

Regional VP of Distribution and Operations, Ferguson Enterprises

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When you make delivery promises to customers, DispatchTrack makes sure you keep them. Talk to an advisor about how DispatchTrack can help transform your delivery operations.

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