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We help retailers take control of their delivery planning and transform their operations with agile, connected, and intelligent tools for routing, customer communication, visibility, and much more.

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Last Mile in Retail and Consumer Goods

  • Customer experience counts:  It's not just about the merchandise. Make the delivery experience a pillar of your brand.
  • End to end visibility:  Provide your teams and customers transparency into the delivery experience in real time.
  • Move at the speed of business:  Your industry moves fast and you need delivery management technology that does the same.

Essentials for retail and consumer goods to meet their promises

01 Customer
Customer notifications

Keep your customers in the loop with automated and configurable notifications throughout the delivery lifecycle.

02 Comprehensive
Comprehensive visibility

Provide your delivery team and customers real-time visibility into deliveries.

03 Complete
Delivery execution

Make missed or failed deliveries a thing of the past and validate the completed deliveries digitally.

04 Returns Management
Manage returns

Enable your delivery team to manage returned items from the customer.

05 Accelerate deliveries
Accelerated deliveries

Raise conversion by providing your customers shorter order to delivery cycles and expanded geographic coverage

Retail and consumer goods must-haves:

Route Optimization

Route optimization

Find the shortest routes, accelerate your time to deliver, and route new customer orders in seconds to keep your business moving.

Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery

Digitize the proof of delivery process with time-stamped and geostamped pictures, signatures, and notes via the mobile app.

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