Proof of Delivery

Indisputable Proof of Delivery

Geostamps, installation workflows, photos, videos, notes and signatures document every step of deliveries — in real time.

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Mobile App Gathers All of the Proof You Need in Real Time

Robust Proof of Delivery in the Palm of Your Hand

DispatchTrack’s mobile app is the focal point for your proof of delivery. Your crew uses the mobile device they already have to document each delivery and upload the data to the cloud in real time.

Photos, Videos, Notes and Signatures Too

Your crews can upload time-date-location stamped photos, videos and notes of each delivery to document that undisclosed staircase or prove they didn’t scratch the floor. And of course, the app takes signatures.

Solve Delivery Problems in Real Time

Photos, videos and notes are uploaded to the cloud instantly, so you can review situations as they develop. Communicate the issues and your solution to your client, the customer and the crew instantly, heading off delays and disagreements.

An undecipherable signature on the delivery acknowledgement for a dozen cases of wine could turn out to be costly, but with DispatchTrack, that signature is backed up by geostamped data showing the precise delivery location, photos of the recipient and video of the merchandise after the delivery. Everything is uploaded automatically to the cloud and you can view it and forward it immediately.

Proof of delivery software

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Delivered, Done Right and Documented

Without real-time proof of delivery, you — and your clients and customers — are flying blind. DispatchTrack puts all of the information about each shipment in the palm of your hand.

Where, When and How — Documented

DispatchTrack continuously records the exact location of each truck with a time and date stamp. It can even record the temperature in reefer compartments along the way. The dashboard display in your office will show you if there’s a traffic delay or if that carton of frozen shrimp is overheating.

Make Sure It’s Installed Right

DispatchTrack allows you to upload step-by-step workflow documents so your clients can specify all of the steps required for an installation. As they work the install, the crew checks off each step, ensuring that they don’t forget to connect the water line for an ice maker or remove the transit brackets from that $10,000 Miele washer.

Prevent False Damage Claims

When your crew takes photos and videos of the customer’s premises and the merchandise, that alone is often enough to prevent false damage claims. If a claim is filed, you have documentary evidence stamped with time, date and location data to show exactly what did — or didn’t — happen and when.


“DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.”

Tony Mitchell

General Manager, American Furniture Warehouse

Works On The Devices You Already Have

The mobile app works on the devices you already have tracking time, temperatures and location continuously in real time.

Mobile App Works Offline

No service? No problem. When you make deliveries out of range of cell towers, DispatchTrack keeps working so you have fully documented locations, times and delivery details documented. As soon as the device acquires coverage, the data is sent to the cloud.

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Installation Workflows

Your client can create step-by-step PDF workflows for your crews to guide complex or high-value installations. Each step has to be checked off before moving on to the next, and you — and your client — can verify the install in real time.

Installation workflow PDFs

Notes, Photos and Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are a thousand words and a picture and a video worth? DispatchTrack's proof of delivery software captures everything that happens at delivery and stores it in the cloud. If something does go wrong, you have everything you need to back up your insurance claim.

Delivery Photos

Integrated Telematics

Cargo that’s sensitive to time and temperature is another risk for operators, but DispatchTrack minimizes potential claims by continuously documenting the time and the location of your truck as well as the internal temperature of up to four compartments. Never again will a basket of spoiled strawberries spoil your day.

Telematics and compliance
Proof of delivery software

Robust Proof of Delivery App That Works Online — And Off

Document your deliveries with notes, photos and video. The app runs on the mobile device your driver already has and it works even when your crew is out of cell range.