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Wismettac Case Study

"DispatchTrack’s routing has helped us to utilize equipment significantly more efficiently. Before adopting their solution, we were totally reliant on the knowledge of dispatchers and drivers. Now, we can actually take on more customers with the same equipment thanks to DispatchTrack."

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Food & Beverages

Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. was established in 1912 and is one of the oldest and most experienced distributors of Asian food products in North America. With more than a century under their belts, the company has continued to grow and find new customers in new markets to delight.

The Challenge: Getting More Out of Their Delivery Capacity

As they continued to evolve their business, they knew that their route planning process had room to evolve. They were planning routes manually, which meant that they had to rely solely on the local knowledge of dispatchers and drivers. At the same time, they needed a way to ensure that they weren’t exceeding DOT weight restrictions in their deliveries.  Finally, Wismettac’s  B2B delivery model required fixed route planning capabilities that could handle weekly variations and opportunities for further optimization. That’s where DispatchTrack came in. 

The Solution: Smarter Routing with DispatchTrack

By partnering with DispatchTrack, Wismettac gained a purpose-built solution designed to handle the entire food distribution last mile.

Our platform offered: 

  • SaaS-powered strategic route planning that could consider multiple time window options and weight limitations 
  • Fast, intuitive reroutes as needed
  • Robust customer communications
  • Real-time delivery tracking via a live dashboard
  • A feature-rich and easy-to-use driver mobile app
  • A dedicated salesperson app to enable total delivery visibility

In addition to offering a set of capabilities designed to help food distributors reduce costs and pave the way for growth, DispatchTrack also offered significant ease of use. The solution was user-friendly and intuitive across roles, making adoption and consistent usage much easier. 

The Results: Cost-Efficiency Powering Growth

By implementing DispatchTrack, Wismettac was able to pave the way for improved operations. Wismettac was able to: 

  • Take on more business with the same number of trucks
  • Ensure compliance with DOT weight limits on deliveries
  • Easily consolidate routes to improve efficiency
  • Achieve 100% mobile app adoption among drivers
  • Streamline customer relationship management and empower future sales

Because Wismettac adopted the solution during the pandemic, DispatchTrack’s strategic planning capabilities were put to the test right away—luckily, DispatchTrack’s platform enabled Wismettac to consolidate routes to keep up with rapidly changing conditions in just a few clicks. This provided a great roadmap to make changes that increased efficiency and resiliency in a tumultuous moment.

At the same time, sales reps were able to gain visibility into their orders in real time, which made it that much easier to provide outstanding service to customers. All of this helped pave the way for 20%+ year-over-year growth in Wismettac’s business.

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