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Freedom Fresh Case Study

"With DispatchTrack, all the information is right there. We can add stops, deliveries, and pickups to a route on the road instead of having to call the driver—reducing time on the phone for both the transportation department and driver. Between GeoTab integration, asset management functionality, and the driver behavior app, we can easily track exceptions and communicate with the driver in real time. DispatchTrack has helped us save more than $120,000 in 2 years—and that’s before we even put a number on the time savings..."

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Food & Beverages

Freedom Fresh has been providing fresh produce and high quality service to South Florida since 2001. In that time, they’ve grown from a small team servicing wholesale and retail to a full-service outfit that can compete with big box distributors. The company serves cruise ships across all the ports in Florida and delivers to restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes… in short: anyone in need of fresh produce. 

The Challenge

In a nutshell: Freedom Fresh’s technology stack was costing them money. The company had to use three separate software solutions for telematics and compliance, asset management, and routing—which meant that dispatchers were constantly switching between three screens in three different solutions. This made it impossible to be proactive about exception management or customer service.

The Solution

By implementing DispatchTrack, Freedom Fresh was able to replace their three disparate solutions with a single intuitive platform. Our driver mobile app communicates in real-time back to the dispatcher’s portal as delivery statuses are updated in the field, which enables the solution to give users a clear view of the status of each delivery as the day progresses. All of this is built upon a bedrock of highly-accurate static, dynamic, and hybrid routing.

The Result

Where routing itself used to be one of the thorniest tasks that staff had to deal with, now it was totally streamlined. This meant that dispatchers could focus on monitoring orders, routes, and drivers—all of which they could visualize at a glance from the main dashboard. Freedom Fresh’s people were now able to focus on taking care of their customers.

All in all, these improvements in visibility and ease of use with DispatchTrack led to $120,000 dollars in savings over 2 years from reduced operational costs, new efficiencies, and inventory shrink alone.

"At ProMed, our top priority is giving our customers what they need to succeed—and that’s exactly what DispatchTrack empowers us to do. The DispatchTrack platform has helped us speed up routing, improve visibility across our deliveries, boost connectivity with drivers in the field, and offer a world-class delivery experience to our customers. The effect is a total digital transformation of our last mile deliveries"

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"SiteOne's aspiration is to provide the best customer experience possible. DispatchTrack helps us do that—while minimizing fleet expenses."

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"Furniture Village strives to make its name synonymous with “quality” all across the UK. DispatchTrack helps us extend that promise into the delivery experience—and beyond—by empowering us to optimise routes, communicate with customers, and boost visibility."

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"Using DispatchTrack, a major uniform and linen distributor achieved a reduction in time required to reroute a distribution center from 6-10 weeks to just 2 days"

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