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Boosting Efficiency in Medical Supply Delivery

ProMed Supplies is committed to offering the highest possible quality to its customers. That’s why its diverse line of medical supplies and promotional products are carefully selected to help home care companies retain business and satisfy their customers. Success in this area depends on being able to offer total transparency and dependability to customers—which is precisely why ProMed started to think seriously about transforming its last mile delivery operations.

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“At ProMed, our top priority is giving our customers what they need to succeed—and that’s exactly what DispatchTrack empowers us to do. The DispatchTrack platform has helped us speed up routing, improve visibility across our deliveries, boost connectivity with drivers in the field, and offer a world-class delivery experience to our customers. The effect is a total digital transformation of our last mile deliveries”

Alan Ferry

COO/CIO/Project Lead at ProMed

Read the case study to learn:

  • Why ProMed opted to work with DispatchTrack to elevate their deliveries.
  • How DispatchTrack enabled ProMed to customized delivery receipts to ensure a world-class experience for their customers.
  • How ProMed was able to cut down manual effort and provide end-to-end last mile delivery visibility. 

Read the Case Study: