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Reducing Distribution Costs for a South Florida Produce Supplier

Freedom Fresh has been providing fresh produce and high quality service to businesses in South Florida since 2001. But with three disparate solutions to cover truck routing, telematics, and asset management, their dispatchers were struggling to get the information they needed to proactively manage exceptions.


“With DispatchTrack, all the information is right there. We can add stops, deliveries, and pickups to a route on the road instead of having to call the driver—reducing time on the phone for both the transportation department and driver. Between GeoTab integration, asset management functionality, and the driver behavior app, we can easily track exceptions and communicate with the driver in real time. DispatchTrack has helped us save more than $120,000 in 2 years—and that’s before we even put a number on the time savings...”

Jimmy Perez

Vice President of Operations at Freedom Fresh

By implementing DispatchTrack, they were able to:

  • Streamline their IT via a single, intuitive dashboard
  • Track orders, trucks, and exceptions in real time
  • Save $120,000 through reduced operational costs, new efficiencies, and inventory shrink

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