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Smart, Automated Billing & Settlement

DispatchTrack solves billing bottlenecks with delivery data integration.

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DispatchTrack solves billing bottlenecks

Accurate, Automated Client Billing & Driver Settlement

DispatchTrack takes the data captured in the delivery process and uses it to automatically populate invoices and driver settlements, so your accounting group doesn't have to manually key in anything.

Billing & settlement software

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Speed Up Cash Flow, Customize Rates, and Control Billing

DispatchTrack captures the details that matter in real time: accessory charges, additional pay, fuel surcharges, and other delivery details. You add the fully customizable rate rules and review the automated invoices and settlements.

Get Cash Flowing Fast

Get paid in days instead of weeks. DispatchTrack automatically records delivery, refers to your client/driver profiles, and gives you a report that you can review and approve or amend. Instantly. At the end of each day, you know what's ready to bill and what you owe drivers.

Customize by Client

You may have a different deal with each client and each driver. You can configure those terms in DispatchTrack; then, the system matches the delivery with the driver and the client and calculates the correct amount to bill the client and how much to pay the driver.

You Are In Control

The settlement report shows you the whole picture of your day—all of the deliveries and transactions—instantly. Did a delivery team have to lug a fridge up an unexpected three flights of stairs? You can make sure that's reflected in what you charge the client and what your drivers get paid. 

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“We are seeing immediate benefits after implementing DispatchTrack. Our routes are more efficient, our cost per stop is down, and the driver morale has improved.”

Lee Goodman

CEO, Jerome's

The DispatchTrack Solution

DispatchTrack automatically tracks orders and deliveries, so the data you need for financial processes like invoicing clients and settling up with drivers is already centralized. Our system calculates varying rates for clients and drivers and lets you make final adjustments before bills and checks go out.

Data Integrated Automatically

DispatchTrack sits at the center of your last mile, so the software has a global grasp of delivery operations. It integrates orders with available resources to create perfectly optimized routes. Those orders are the beginning of the chain that will lead to a client invoice. DispatchTrack follows each truck and each shipment, taking data from a mobile app on the driver's smartphone. It can automatically calculate the correct invoice and the correct settlement for the driver based on details captured during the delivery.

Billing and settlement flow

Contract Rates Calculated

You have different arrangements with different clients and different drivers. Rates are contingent on circumstances. Once you enter your rate rules—which can be different for each client and each driver—DispatchTrack automatically applies the correct rule to each delivery as it's completed and generates an invoice and a settlement for you to review.

Billing and settlement

Review and Adjust

Naturally, you have the last say on what you bill and what you pay.  The payment records are tied to the delivery data, so you can make a judgment, input a number and move on. The result is a significant reduction in manual paperworkwhich means you get paid faster. 

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Logistics billing software

See How DispatchTrack Can Transform Your Company

DispatchTrack can transform your logistics billing. It puts the puzzle together to automatically calculate invoices and settlements — immediately and accurately.


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