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Ryder Case Study

"We’re one of the three major final mile providers that cover the entire United States, and in the critical areas of route optimization and delivery execution, DispatchTrack is our application of choice."

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Distribution and Logistics

As one of the largest 3PLs in the country, Ryder has been working behind the scenes to manage their customers’ supply chain, transportation, and fleet functions for more than 90 years. In 2016, they partnered with DispatchTrack to digitize their last mile execution and gain the tools to represent their clients’ brands in the best possible light.  

The Challenge: Powering Up Customer Delivery Experience

With consumer needs and expectations around deliveries changing—particularly in the big and bulky space—they were motivated to stay ahead of the curve and provide a best-in-class experience to their customers’ customers. They wanted to move away from capturing proof of delivery via pen and paper and contacting customers manually to determine delivery schedules and provide updates.  

This spurred Ryder to seek out new solutions that could help them better serve their customers by ensuring best-in-class delivery experiences. That meant finding a technology platform that was designed to help them move away from manual and pen-and-paper processes and streamline their last mile execution.    

The Solution: A Purpose-Built Solution for Third-Party Logistics

By partnering with DispatchTrack, Ryder was able to digitize their last mile execution and gain the tools to represent their clients’ brands in the best possible light.  

Our platform offered: 

  • Self-serve customer scheduling 
  • AI-powered route optimization
  • Total delivery visibility for dispatchers, customers, and clients alike
  • An easy-to-use driver mobile app 
  • Digital proof of delivery via pictures, signatures, and notes
  • Automated customer communications via calls, texts, and emails

They were also gaining a flexible solution that could adapt to changing needs. For instance, when Ryder implemented its own customer communication tools in 2021, DispatchTrack was able to integrate with them to ensure accurate, up-to-the-minute delivery data for customers.  

The Results: Faster Deliveries and Stellar On-Time Performance

By empowering smarter route optimization and delivery execution, DispatchTrack’s platform was able to help Ryder deliver on their vision. They were able to cut out manual processes like collecting proof of delivery via pen and ink and replace them with smart, automated, streamlined processes. Because the solution was easy to use, they were able to train their people on it rapidly, and as a result they were able to significantly reduce the time it took to schedule and execute on last mile deliveries. 

In addition, DispatchTrack gave Ryder the ability to configure its operations differently for different use cases and share data with clients in flexible ways. As a 3PL with diverse clients delivering diverse products, this has proved invaluable—and it’s formed the basis of continuing partnership as both businesses have grown. 

  • Reduction in delivery lead times by up to 1 day
  • 98% on-time delivery rates via route optimization
  • Minimal training time for new users/drivers
  • Significant reduction in calls from end customers 

"Furniture Village strives to make its name synonymous with “quality” all across the UK. DispatchTrack helps us extend that promise into the delivery experience—and beyond—by empowering us to optimise routes, communicate with customers, and boost visibility."

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"DispatchTrack has revolutionized our delivery experience, reduced costs and made us more sustainable by reducing the amount of miles and fuel we use"

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"DispatchTrack's hybrid routing allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings"

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"We chose DispatchTrack because it is the best technology partner in the industry. We really appreciate their attention and quality of service, and their application is very intuitive and did not require further training. We have reduced calls and emails by 25%, and the implementation of the track widget allows our clients to monitor their deliveries in real time."

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