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What Does Right-Time Delivery Mean for B2B?

Apr 5, 2022

Customer satisfaction is just as important in B2B deliveries and distribution as it is in B2C—if not more so—but the end result of that satisfaction...

What Is Dynamic Route Planning?

Apr 4, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a new generation of consumers who prefer to do their shopping online and have come to expect rapid delivery...

How Routing Systems Can Ensure Right-Time Delivery

Apr 1, 2022

Operators and managers need to keep track of their right-time delivery rate as it is one of the key performance indicators (KPI) in fleet operations....

What to Look For in Dispatch Tools

Mar 31, 2022

Implementing the right dispatch tools has never been more urgent, as dispatch operations supporting smart last mile deliveries are more demanding...

Why Consumers Are Ready for Green Logistics

Mar 30, 2022

For supply chain businesses, a recent report revealed good and bad news: On the one hand, nearly half of consumers polled said that they felt the...

Why Do Enterprises Need Route Dispatch Software?

Mar 29, 2022

In recent years, logistics has been revolutionized by intelligent route dispatch software. Automation of various delivery processes is made possible,...

Last Mile Delivery Definition

Mar 28, 2022

New consumer expectations are difficult and expensive to meet. The key to staying competitive in shipping logistics is improving efficiency and...

B2B Delivery: How Does It Impact Business Growth?

Mar 28, 2022

As competition increases in business, you sometimes have to find new ways to gain an edge over the competition, whether that means cutting out waste...

How to Choose the Right On Demand Delivery Solution

Mar 25, 2022

With the arrival of on demand delivery services, consumer expectations about cost, speed, and convenience have dramatically changed. The on demand...

How to Improve Your On Time Delivery Metrics

Mar 24, 2022

Efficiency in the supply chain can be measured by on time delivery rate, or OTD. This key performance indicator (KPI) provides insights into how an...

What Are the Keys to Parcel Optimization?

Mar 23, 2022

The digital revolution is transforming nearly every industry, including parcel delivery. The heightened pace of innovation is evident in the same-day...

5 Global Best Practices for Retail Deliveries

Mar 22, 2022

On a fundamental level, retail deliveries have all become more global. Even when you’re just trying to get an order from a distribution center in...

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