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The Last Mile Is a Global Challenge—That’s Why We've Acquired Beetrack

No matter where you are in the world, the hardest thing about fulfilling customer orders is going to be navigating the complexities and inefficiencies of last mile logistics. National borders sometimes complicate deliveries, but they don’t change the fundamental fact: getting deliveries—especially big and bulky and/or scheduled deliveries—from the distribution center to the customer’s door has the potential to be time-consuming, expensive, and generally frustrating for all involved.

Beetrack acquisitionDispatchTrack and Beetrack have been working to solve this problem for businesses for nearly 20 years combined. Together, the two companies share a commitment to simplifying complex last mile deliveries and empowering their customers to optimize the final mile. Now that DispatchTrack has acquired Beetrack, the two businesses will be able to support global customers more effectively than ever before. 

This is a game-changer in the last mile technology market—two leading technology providers coming together to solve pressing global problems—and it comes at the perfect moment from the perspective of the global supply chain.  

Solving the Last Mile Problem Around the Globe

Prior to the acquisition of Beetrack, DispatchTrack was already a global player, with customers and teams across multiple continents. With Beetrack on board, DispatchTrack gains 850 new customers across 20 countries—from the tip of Chile up through Mexico. This is a big deal for DispatchTrack—we’ve essentially doubled in size and together with Beetrack we can power seamless last mile optimization around the globe—but it’s also a big deal with the last mile technology market. Why? Because the challenges of last mile delivery logistics are fundamentally global. 

Research shows that the addressable last mile market in Latin America is larger than $1 billion—but that doesn’t tell the full story. The first few months of 2021 saw huge year-over-year e-commerce growth in Chile compared to 2020; in other Latin American countries you can be sure that similar trends are at work. This means that there’s more pressure on retailers than ever before to get their products directly to the doorstep of the customer in an efficient, cost-effective way. 

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There’s no doubt that these changes have been accelerated by the pandemic, but they're also here to stay. The impact has been so pronounced that it’s even impacted the total amount of traffic congestion in Santiago and elsewhere. This means, ironically, that as last mile deliveries become more necessary they also become more difficult—with more delivery trucks on the road, you can’t move through traffic as quickly, which makes it all the more important to be taking the shortest possible routes between stops. 

In the UK, the government’s Net Zero plan for targeting carbon emissions even includes language about transforming the last mile. To make any kind of transformation possible, you need to have unprecedented visibility into what’s actually happening when your trucks leave the distribution center. You need to have the tools to optimize delivery routes and actually carry those routes out successfully. Most importantly, you have to craft delivery experiences for customers that will keep them coming back. This requires delivery technology that simplifies complex last mile deliveries from end-to-end—which is exactly what DispatchTrack and Beetrack have been providing users across the world for many years. 

How DispatchTrack and Beetrack Can Help Global Shippers

The challenges of last mile deliveries are more or less the same all over. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that two leading logistics platforms in opposite hemispheres should have such similar visions and a shared commitment to serving their customers. 

Together, the Beetrack and DispatchTrack teams are poised to serve those customers even more effectively. Beetrack’s technology solution is known across Latin America as a leader in delivering stellar innovation and new efficiencies to brands and a superior delivery experience to their customers. The company has been growing in revenue and customer base since its inception, and they now boast over 100 employees and manage more than 55,000 deliveries per hour—including deliveries for r leading brands like Walmart, Coca Cola, and Cencosud.

This growing global footprint means that the two companies will be able to provide exceptional coverage across boundaries and continents. Whether you need to get a couch from a distribution center to a suburban home in Kansas City or you need to gain visibility into a next-day shipment in Mexico City—we’ve got you covered. 

Why Customer Experience Is the Key to Last Mile Success

When we said that Beetrack and DispatchTrack shared a common commitment to empowering customers, we weren’t over-selling it. Global challenges require global solutions providers, and we’re thrilled to be in a position to provide that. But what exactly are we emphasizing when we talk about global solutions? 

Simply put, our combined focus as we increase our coverage is powering improved customer satisfaction across the entire delivery chain. That’s what each of our brands is based on, and we’ll continue to shout the importance of customer delivery experience from the rooftops. What does emphasizing customer satisfaction look like in practice?

  • Proactively notifying customers about delivery schedules before the day of delivery
  • Keeping customers in the loop when drivers have started on their routes
  • Allowing customers to select their own delivery slots from capacity-aware options
  • Providing real-time visibility into orders throughout the delivery process
  • Managing delivery exceptions rapidly when something goes wrong or the unexpected crops up
  • Actually delivering on-time!

That might sound like a lot, but when you have the right last mile logistics technology, it quickly becomes second nature. The result is that customers feel empowered regarding their deliveries—they know when to expect the driver, they know what stop they are on the driver’s route, they even know what the driver’s going to look like. 

More than that, they know they can count on the shipper to keep them in the loop and work to ensure an exceptional delivery. Not only does this boost repeat business, it can also save businesses money by enabling them to reduce where’s-my-order calls and failed deliveries. 

DispatchTrack and Beetrack have been working separately to achieve a strong vision of customer experience in the last mile for many years. Now that they’re working on achieving that vision together, it’s time for everyone to take note. 

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