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Democratizing Logistics Technology

DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO Satish Natarajan was recently profiled in one of Mexico's leading newspapers, Excélsior. Below is an English translation of Aura Hernández's August 22nd, 2022 article titled "DispatchTrack democratiza la tecnología para logística."

Increasingly, companies around the world are adopting technology to solve supply chain and logistics problems. This has allowed DispatchTrack to position itself as one of the main players, thanks to the fact that it is democratizing logistics solutions for businesses.

Satish Natarajan, co-founder and CEO of DispatchTrack, recalled that, two years ago, the company decided to implement a strategy to expand its operations globally. In the process, DispatchTrack crossed paths with the Chilean company Beetrack, which it has since acquired.

This not only enabled them to expand their presence and add more than 850 clients in 20 countries—including Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Costa Rica—it has also made their platform even more robust.

"With Beetrack, we now have four different products that adapt to the needs of customers anywhere in the world," he explained when chatting with Excélsior.

During his visit to Mexico to participate in The Logistics World Summit & Expo, he commented that this adaptability is possible because they have a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. In other words, customers can gain access to the software features they require at a low cost and for short periods. If they no longer need the feature, they can cancel in a month or adopt more features.

Supply Chain Challenges Continue

Supply chain problems will still be around for at least the next six months, forcing companies to adopt new solutions to overcome these problems.

A study by the technology company found that six out of the 10 U.S. companies surveyed are concerned about inventory shortages, and 82% fear they won't be able to deliver within promised delivery windows this year.

Furthermore, only one in three companies is preparing for the holiday season sooner this year than they did last year. "I expect this to be resolved in the next six months, because we have already seen transportation costs falling. Also, in the U.S., fuel costs are decreasing and suppliers have more inventory, which lowers prices," Natarajan said.

It should also be noted that many companies are seeing new markets as an option for expanding their manufacturing or improving their logistics.

Mexico Is Key

Natarajan is also very interested in the opportunities that exist in Mexico because it is one of the fastest-growing economies, both in terms of GDP and social mobility. This matters because the middle class continues to grow, which translates into greater demand for products. 

"I am very excited about Mexico as a market. I think it's very good for us, and I feel that the last mile sector will quadruple in Mexico in the next two years," he shared.

The CEO of DispatchTrack is optimistic about his company's growth over the next few years—in Mexico and in the rest of the countries where the company now operates—thanks to their globalization strategy.

He believes that, by the end of this year, they will have a better idea of what they can be as a global company and whether the strategy they've implemented is solid in terms of responsible growth. He explained that the company has doubled its growth in the last two years and expects it to double again in the next two years.

Tips to Minimize Logistics Costs

  • Transportation planning
  • Fleet management
  • Automation to reduce human intervention
  • Establishing logistics performance indicators (or KPIs)
  • Monitoring of inventory costs
  • Advanced cost reduction techniques
  • Addressing logistics costs that result from customer misinformation


Read the original version of the article here on Excélsior's website or below.

Satish Natarajan article in Excelsior


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