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Deliver Orders Faster with a Last Mile Delivery Solution

Delivering at the speed customers expect is challenging, which is why companies of all shapes and sizes increasingly value delivery speed. The majority of customers don't view fast delivery turnarounds as a perk, but rather as a necessity, and successful businesses need to take advantage of this.

last mile delivery solutionSome of this comes down to Amazon increasing the level of service as Prime members enjoy, i.e. guaranteeing one-day shipping from its previous two-day shipping offering. Walmart actually offers free next-day delivery to for online shopping without requiring a membership. But this phenomenon goes well beyond the worlds of retail and e-commerce. 

During the holiday season, businesses across the board try to gain an advantage by leveraging fast shipping methods to increase sales. If you want to succeed in today's market, you need an effective strategy and powerful fleet management tools

Leveraging Last Mile Logistics Solutions for Faster Deliveries

Speeding up delivery service is possible, and your secret weapon to success is an AI-powered last mile logistics solution. Here’s how you can execute faster deliveries with the right software:


Automating your last mile delivery processes with a last mile logistics software solution is crucial to streamlining your operations. With the best last mile ​​delivery software, you can effortlessly manage numerous dispatches every day, monitor drivers, vehicles, and order, collect delivery-related documentation (e.g. proof of delivery), and fulfill orders with ease—all without the mountain of manual effort that this has traditionally required.

By automating as much as possible, you can also connect your processes to ensure that everything leads up to the desired result. When data is automatically gathered and shared across systems and workflows, you can be sure that everyone can access the information they need to ensure successful deliveries—without wasting time hunting for it. This means that you can schedule orders as soon as they come in, rather than waiting for order data to be exported.

Route Optimization

To achieve faster delivery, you need to optimize your routes. Routing optimization involves choosing the most cost-effective and efficient route for each delivery drop-off. This, in turn, enables you to deliver more per day and shorten your delivery lead times. 

If you rely on basic delivery mapping software and manual calculations, you are unlikely to achieve truly optimized routes. For fleets with more than a couple of vehicles, optimal routes are nearly impossible to plan by hand. SaaS-powered, AI-enabled route planning software solves this problem.

Your route optimization platform should find the most efficient routes automatically and accurately predict ETAs, such that you can achieve higher on-time delivery rates. When you can calculate routes for thousands of orders and hundreds of drivers in minutes, you can efficiently deliver orders to customers without requiring long lead times.

This can be especially impactful when you’re trying to spin up same-day or next-day delivery options. The faster your routing process, the later your order cutoff time is going to be. This means you can capture more customers who might want rapid delivery turnarounds. 

Real-Time Visibility

Although strategic planning is important, it is equally important to be able to adjust that plan in response to unexpected challenges. Delivery runs are bound to have a few surprises along the way. The driver may get stuck in traffic, experience a flat tire, or be waylaid by an unexpected requirement during a delivery. To prevent small delays from becoming hours-long delays, dispatchers and fleet managers need alerts as soon as something goes wrong.

With real-time tracking, dispatchers can track where a driver is on the road and determine their statuses in real time. When drivers become stuck in traffic or arrive late, dispatchers can make adjustments on the fly and even send updated routes to drivers' phones immediately if needed.

Real-time tracking also extends to customers. For instance, you might enable them to visualize their order’s progress via a live tracking portal. Many logistics companies notify their customers when an order is on its way, or when a driver is nearby, but an advanced last mile solution offers customers a live GPS tracking link and real-time ETA updates. 

By offering live tracking, you can minimize customer service calls without adding more work for your employees.

Resource Management

Managing final mile delivery is a complex, resource-intensive, and time-consuming operation. If you do not use the appropriate resources, last mile delivery operations and labor costs will be impossible to manage. That’s why your last mile software should help you plan the last leg of the supply chain in detail from a macro to a micro perspective.

When your software enables your dispatchers and fleet managers to assign the right delivery task to the right drivers and the right vehicle, you can be sure that you’re actually getting the most out of your delivery capacity and delivering to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Quick and Effective Communication

Last mile delivery operations are complex, often depending on constantly changing variables. That’s why the most valuable last mile delivery management software offers the ability to communicate with everyone involved in the delivery process, including your customers, drivers, fleet managers, dispatchers, route planners, and customer service teams. By giving away the data they need to stay on top of things, you'll be able to take any necessary actions as quickly as you need, especially during critical times.

One of the most important ways that this smooths out and speeds up delivery operations overall is by reducing the number of failed deliveries. When you notify customers about upcoming orders, they’re much less likely to not be at home. The result is fewer re-delivery attempts, which frees up your capacity to handle newer orders sooner. This also significantly improves customer experience, which can help boost customer satisfaction.

In the end, to effectively manage all your last mile delivery logistics and distribution needs—and do it fast—you need to use a last mile logistics solution that’s actually designed with speed, connectivity, and efficiency in mind. Otherwise, you risk losing out to your competitors who are finding their own ways of speeding up delivery timelines.

DispatchTrack offers the most powerful end-to-end suite of tools for last mile logistics operators. Dispatchers, drivers, customers and clients can access our app on any device to schedule, track, modify and verify your deliveries.

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