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Optimizing Fleet Management: The Importance of GPS Tracking

Successful fleet management requires advanced GPS tracking technology. Being able to track your delivery routes and drivers' performance can maximize delivery efficiency and improve customer satisfaction while cutting costs. But what exactly can this technology do for owners and managers? What is the best fleet management GPS tracking solution for your business? We'll look at the problems that advanced GPS tracking can solve and what to look for when doing a fleet management software comparison.

Fleet management GPS tracking

GPS trackers bring many benefits that could help a company's bottom line. Below are the common issues in delivery and logistics that GPS tracking solutions can help solve.

What is the Role of Fleet Management GPS Tracking in Your Business?

On top of real-time vehicle location information, companies and their managers can also gather historical GPS data using the application. Recorded information lets anyone with access to the application find out where a particular driver was at any time and the route that was taken to get to a delivery location. A telematics solution can also provide data on braking, engine temperature, and more.

The information gathered by the device is then transmitted to a web-based application, allowing fleet managers to view the location of any vehicle at any given time, along with a host of other sensors if using more integrated hardware.

Lack of Driver Accountability

Fleet managers without last mile visibility software may have to rely on the honesty of their drivers when it comes to tracking their routes and time spent on the road. This means many managers are blind to driver performance and behavior on the road—including such abuses as unplanned stops, reckless driving, or usage of company vehicles after work. With GPS, fleet managers obtain real-time data on their drivers and can nip issues in the bud.

High Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Knowing how your vehicles are being used can help reduce vehicle maintenance costs. A fleet management GPS tracking system records information from the device attached to the vehicles, allowing owners and managers to perform an objective assessment of drivers' performance. The visibility on the routes drivers have taken, for example, tells managers if delivery issues arise, if optimal routes are followed, and if fuel issues are contributing to high costs. One can also see if there are under-utilized vehicles among the fleet and quickly correct inefficiencies.

Driver Safety Concerns

Determining if any of your drivers tend to take hard corners, brake harshly, or break speed limits is essential for any fleet manager. After all, drivers' safety is always at the top of the list for a fleet supervisor. With a fleet management GPS tracking system, managers can see the driving practices of their employees and provide drivers with real-time alerts to send a warning to slow down and drive more safely.

Failure to Meet Customers' Expectation

Customer expectations have already changed dramatically in the last decade, given that many companies are now offering same-day deliveries and more visibility to customers along the way. Failure to deliver packages on time and lack of transparency on the status of an order will turn customers away. With a GPS tracking system, managers will have eyes on their vehicles. The technology can pave the way for both fleet managers and customers to know where the orders are, which in turn reduces missed or late deliveries, not to mention boost customer confidence.

What is the Best GPS Tracker for Vehicles?

Not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. Plus, businesses each have their own unique needs. In choosing a solution to manage your fleet, consider the following:

  • Regulatory compliance: Fleet companies have to comply with various regulatory requirements such as the ELD mandate, IFTA, and driver vehicle reports. As such, it is best to look for a GPS tracking system that offers compliance automation wherever possible.
  • Credibility and service record: The need to comply with ELD mandates has led to a proliferation of new GPS tracking companies in the market. Choose a company with a solid record of being a reputable solution provider. Otherwise, you may end up with an unsupported product five years down the road.
  • Post-sales support: A reliable GPS fleet tracking solution provider's job should not end after you purchase from them. These sellers should also provide adequate training and support to the staff members who will be using the system. Go with a provider who offers this support and ensures your team is getting most out of the GPS tracking system.

Those looking for the best GPS tracking system should ask logistics software providers which solutions offer the best integration and create a shortlist of those companies. Good telematics solutions give management a better understanding of driver behavior. A top-quality GPS fleet management system that consists of a hard-wired GPS device, a dedicated web application for the tracking and tracing of vehicles, and a web portal that delivers comprehensive reporting is what the best packages will give you.

DispatchTrack's telematics and compliance solution is worth learning more about. We can help you reduce your company's costs by improving delivery efficiency, driver safety, and customer satisfaction.

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