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DispatchTrack Announces HIPAA Compliance, with Plans to Ramp-Up Focus on Healthcare

The Silicon Valley logistics developer is HIPAA compliant and ready to help more healthcare supply companies as a result.

HIPAA Compliance

DispatchTrack, an innovator in the logistics sector whose software streamlines deliveries, stated they have HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II compliance. This data security certification comes at an opportune time as the growing logistics firm pushes to serve more diverse partners in the medical industry.

Already a provider of logistics SaaS to the healthcare sector, DispatchTrack has been deployed to help transport patients and deliver equipment to hospitals and individuals. With this new compliance level, their SaaS can help track and deliver secure medical packages.

After serving retailers, 3PL, and other industries, they are ready to multiply their efforts on the healthcare front.One of their customers, Gerimed, an established supplier to Long-Term Care (LTC) patients, is using their technology to route pharmacy deliveries to the elderly in nursing homes. DispatchTrack integrates with their ERP system so they can track every box of medication or supplies by scanning them during loading and again as they come off at their destination. If they scan the wrong package during delivery, the system alerts them of the mistake.

As Peter Toon, a Managing Director at Vision Logistics puts it, "DispatchTrack has enabled us to maintain an edge over our competitors, the level of detailed information that we are able to give our customers is unrivaled."

As more companies are handling sensitive consumer information, data security is central to earning and retaining customer trust. Higher level data certified technology partners like DispatchTrack are key to continued innovation in all industries. "HIPAA and SOC2 compliance adds enhanced data security required by our Healthcare customers. I am excited to be able to bring our world-class last mile solution to the healthcare transport and service industry," explains CEO Satish Natarajan.

Being HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified confirms DispatchTrack's handling of customer information, servers and reporting demonstrate a high standard of data security. It's been an exciting year for the Silicon Valley-based SaaS company after making some big hires and continuing to out-innovate their competition with new features rolling out every quarter.

About DispatchTrack:

DispatchTrack is the complete customer delivery experience and last mile logistics optimization platform. Since its founding in 2010, DispatchTrack has empowered thousands of customers across multiple industries—furniture and appliance, food and beverage distribution, building supplies, third party logistics, and many others—to plan and manage all last mile touchpoints with flexible, easy-to-use features. Our end-to-end, AI-powered, SaaS-based platform helps users automatically route and schedule deliveries, communicate with end customers, and track the entire last mile in real time. The result is streamlined last mile operations and elevated customer delivery experiences for more than 60 million deliveries each year. For more information, visit our website at dispatchtrack.com, or contact us directly at 1-866-437-3573 or sales@dispatchtrack.com.

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