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DispatchTrack Powers Up Its Executive Leadership Team

DispatchTrack has always been a mission-driven company, and that mission has revolved around helping retailers, 3PLs, and others to optimize their last mile logistics and make promises to their customers that they can actually keep. No mission, however, can be carried out without the right people. That’s why DispatchTrack is so excited to announce three recent upgrades to its executive leadership team: Tony Pecora as Executive Vice President of Marketing, Daren Lauda as Executive Vice President of Sales, and Ido Sakal as Vice President of Finance.

DispatchTrack executive leadership team
  • Ido Sakal comes to DispatchTrack following 15+ years of experience in the industry, including such high-growth companies as Vlocity and Conversica. He’ll be overseeing the company’s financial operations with an eye towards continued expansion and growth within the last mile logistics technology industry.
  • Daren Lauda boasts meaningful experience in cloud solutions and logistics, and has spent time at Salesforce.com, PTC, Mavenlink, and Teletrac Navman. As EVP of Sales and Customer Success, he’s tasked with making sure that customers are drawing maximum value from DispatchTrack’s cutting-edge last mile solution. 
  • Tony Pecora’s previous marketing experience includes roles at Compaq Computers, eBay, and Shutterfly. He is a master of branding, communications, generating demand, developing partnerships, and generally spreading the word about DispatchTrack’s unique value proposition. 

“DispatchTrack takes its values quite seriously, so when we’re seeking out new people we try to ensure that they align with those values,” said DispatchTrack CEO and founder Satish Natarajan. “With all three of the executives we’ve hired in the last year—Tony, Daren, and Ido—we were able to find people who understand what DispatchTrack is all about and who can take concrete strides to help us further our mission. Each one of them is already contributing to making our company smarter and more agile, I’m confident that we’ve assembled a team with the capabilities to succeed.”

Route optimization 2-minute guide

How DispatchTrack’s Last Mile Logistics Software Solves Industry Challenges

All three additions to the executive leadership team from the past year are tasked with ensuring that DispatchTrack’s solution makes its way into the technology stacks of as many last mile operators as possible. But what exactly are they working with? At its core, DispatchTrack’s platform is all about trust:

    • This builds trust with customers and strengthens users’ brands.
    • This is possible because our routing engine creates 98% accurate ETAs.
    • We combine efficient routing with constant, automated communication. 
    • This combination has the power to transform last mile logistics.

Using this platform as a baseline, the new leadership is in a unique position to spread the value proposition of this best-in-class solution far and wide. In doing so, they’re poised to help DispatchTrack expand into new markets and geographies, grow its customer base, and ultimately strengthen its market position considerably. 

About DispatchTrack’s Recent Growth

To put it mildly, DispatchTrack has been busy the past 18 months. The newly expanded leadership team was made possible in part by Spectrum Equity’s $144 million investment in DispatchTrack in 2020. This was DispatchTrack’s first ever funding, and it represented not just an infusion of cash, but a source of guidance and mentorship from experts in growing businesses effectively. Spectrum’s support was invaluable in finding and hiring the best possible candidates for these leadership positions.

As the company prepares to increase its presence at tradeshows and events in the rest of 2021 and beyond, DispatchTrack’s sales, marketing, and finance operations are poised to be firing on all cylinders. What makes the company’s platform unique is its focus on elevating the customer experience in last mile deliveries, and that remains an incredibly timely message for 3PLs, furniture and appliance retailers, food and beverage distributors, lawn services companies, retail, janitorial services, waste management, transportation and more. Now, dedicated sales and marketing efforts will ensure that DispatchTrack’s value proposition is spread far and wide to companies that can benefit from it.

All About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack has been offering elevated customer delivery experiences and last mile logistics optimization since 2010. Thousands of businesses in multiple industries—food and beverage distribution, furniture, appliance, third party logistics, and many more—have relied on DispatchTrack’s unique, cloud-based technology to build trust with customers, strengthen their brands, and ultimately improve their bottom lines. This is the result of its best-in-class technology offering, which includes:

  • Route optimization: DispatchTrack’s AI-powered routing engine is fast, scalable, and easy-to-use. It learns from previous delivery runs in order to generate ETAs that are 98% accurate. The result is that drivers are actually on-time, and the entire last mile flows more smoothly.  
  • Customer communications: Our platform automates texts, calls, and email messages to the end customer before, during, and after the day of delivery. This includes automated self-scheduling messages, route start notifications, and links to a live, self-serve tracking portal. This reduces costly phone time and gives customers control over—plus visibility into—their deliveries. 
  • Last mile visibility: DispatchTrack’s real-time visibility dashboard lets dispatchers easily visualize the status of all their orders and trucks in the field from a single screen. This enables users to identify and manage delivery exceptions proactively. 
  • Driver management: With the DispatchTrack mobile app, drivers can use their existing phones or other devices to get turn-by-turn directions, communicate with dispatchers and customers, and capture electronic proof of delivery in the form of pictures, video, and notes. Not only does this make life easier for drivers themselves, it also empowers dispatchers to get increased visibility into field operations. 
  • KPIs and reporting: If you can’t measure on-time performance, cost-per-delivery, or failed delivery rates, how are you supposed to improve them? That’s why DispatchTrack offers a robust set of reporting and KPIs for last mile operators. 

In other words, we offer planning and management for all last mile touchpoints. With the functionality listed above, last mile operators are able to optimize more than 60 million deliveries each year on the DispatchTrack platform. For more information, visit our homepage at dispatchtrack.com, or contact us directly at 1-866-437-3573 or sales@dispatchtrack.com.

For press inquiries, feel free to email brian@dispatchtrack.com

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