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DispatchTrack Announces Billing and Settlement Automation

DispatchTrack has always striven to make life easier for its customers—whether that’s through route optimization, enhanced visibility, or automated customer communications. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce our billing and settlement automation functionality. Now, users who enable this feature can generate client invoices (billing) and driver payments (settlement) automatically in DispatchTrack, all based on the delivery data already being captured by the system. With this feature, we’re giving retailers and logistics operations of all sizes the ability to streamline a process that would otherwise require significant manual effort. The result? Saved time, better cash flow, and reduced costs.

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How DispatchTrack Empowers Enterprises to Automate Billing and Settlement

DispatchTrack’s comprehensive last mile technology already captures and centralizes the information that accounting teams need in order to generate accurate invoices and settlements. For every order, there is a clear record from order creation to delivery, with robust documentation for anything that might impact the final customer bill or driver payment. For instance, drivers can capture pictures, video, and notes via their mobile apps that offer documentation for any additional access charges that the client might need to pay for (e.g. an unexpected flight of stairs) or any damages to the delivery site or goods that would necessitate a discount.  

All of the data is centrally located and highly visible, so that anyone on the team who needs the information can access it at a glance. Compare this to the traditional way of doing things: Accounting team members would have to track down information for each order individually. This can involve calling drivers to get clarifications, wading through paper documentation, and other time-consuming manual tasks—including actually entering the data into the relevant solution to generate the billing and settlement documents, which can be slow and error-prone. The result is that it takes weeks to get paid, and some clients will (rightfully) dispute their invoices. 

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Enter Billing and Settlement Automation 

With DispatchTrack Billing and Settlement feature, we cut out virtually all of the manual effort we listed out above. Since the relevant data is already at the user’s fingertips, there’s no need to hunt for it. From there, it’s just a matter of helping users to create different rules for different driver and client contracts based on their specified parameters. For instance, we can generate driver payments based on: 

  • delivery zone
  • delivery zip code
  • order volume
  • order weight
  • scheduled time taken
  • actual time taken
  • and more 

Based on these parameters, the user can run billing and settlement reports that automatically generate documents based on the individual logic and rules of a particular contract. The user checks over the auto-generated reports, and when they’re satisfied with the results they can export it to their accounting software by way of a .csv file. 

How Billing and Settlement Automation Impacts Enterprises

“Creating accurate driver settlements and client invoices quickly is no mean feat. Any process that has to be done by hand in large quantities is going to result in errors, and these errors can slow down your days to cash and annoy your drivers and carriers—it’s not a good situation,” said DispatchTrack CEO and founder Satish Natarajan. “Luckily, there is an alternative: DispatchTrack’s Billing and Settlement feature gives you the ability to establish unique logic for each contract, then auto-generate documents based on that logic. It’s a huge time-saver, with the power to save businesses a lot of money as well. Our solution is meant to be truly end-to-end, so this feature is an important part of our vision.”

It’s hard to overstate the impact that billing and settlement automation can have, especially for larger businesses. The feature is primarily designed around 3PLs and businesses who work with 3PLs—in other words, businesses where the last mile is defined by complexity. With these workflows automated and streamlined, you can reduce your error rate on invoices, pay drivers more quickly, and get paid by clients more quickly. Not only that, but you can gain greater control over these processes by sending this documentation to clients quickly and accurately. It’s much easier to build strong working relationships when clients aren’t worried that they have to go through your invoices with a fine-toothed comb. Likewise, you no longer need to depend on drivers to send their own invoices (which can take significant time and require manual effort to check); you can auto-generate the invoices the day after the delivery run, and put the ball in the driver’s court if anything seems amiss.  

Several large clients in the 3PL and furniture retail areas are already utilizing this feature within their DispatchTrack instances. This paid add-on to DispatchTrack’s base subscription offers significant potential for ROI: while a human being might process 75 invoices per day (with a 5% error rate), an automated workflow would enable them to multiply that number significantly—all with a huge increase in accuracy. If you’re an existing customer interested in learning more about how this functionality can impact your operation, feel free to reach out to your sales rep to learn more. Not a DispatchTrack customer? It’s never a bad time to learn how we can make your last mile operations smoother, smarter, and more efficient!

About DispatchTrack:

DispatchTrack is the complete customer delivery experience and last mile logistics optimization platform. Since its founding in 2010, DispatchTrack has empowered thousands of customers across multiple industries—furniture and appliance, food and beverage distribution, building supplies, third party logistics, and many others—to plan and manage all last mile touchpoints with flexible, easy-to-use features. Our end-to-end, AI-powered, SaaS-based platform helps users automatically route and schedule deliveries, communicate with end customers, and track the entire last mile in real time. The result is streamlined last mile operations and elevated customer delivery experiences for more than 60 million deliveries each year. For more information, visit our website at dispatchtrack.com, or contact us directly at 1-866-437-3573 or sales@dispatchtrack.com.

For press inquiries, email brian@dispatchtrack.com

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