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"DispatchTrack's hybrid routing allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings"

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Food & Beverages

Over the past 55 years, Quirch Foods has become one of the largest distributors of food products in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean, bringing their passion for service to a diverse portfolio of supermarkets, foodservice distributors, processors and manufacturers, cruise lines, and restaurants.

Through a combination of acquisitions and introducing its own new brands, the company was targeting smart, sustainable business growth—but its legacy tools were too cumbersome and complex to empower them to scale their processes.

The Challenge

Quirch was on the hunt for a better way to manage the delivery of multiple brands and types of food and beverages within the same workflows. At the same time, they wanted the ability to route from centralized and distributed locations. To make that happen, they knew they needed a true technology partner that could cut through the complexity of their growing business and help optimize both cost-to-serve and customer service.

The Solution

By partnering with DispatchTrack, Quirch was able to implement a solution that was purpose-built to handle the complexities of large scale food and beverage distribution.

Our platform offered:

  • Rapid what-if scenarios for easily testing and optimizing new distribution plans
  • AI-powered hybrid routing to blend static route planning and dynamic route optimization in record time
  • Enhanced visibility—for planners and customers—via photo proof of delivery and live tracking
  • Improved data integration, visibility, and intelligence via streamlined API calls
  • Delivery costing capabilities to help planners prioritize stop profitability
  • Robust integration with telematics solution (Samsara) and other systems

The Results

By enabling them to create delivery routes significantly more quickly, DispatchTrack’s solution helped Quirch maximize capacity utilization and service their customers more efficiently. This helped them to bring new businesses like Colorado Boxed Beef, Butts Foods, and others into the fold without risking service interruptions or late deliveries to important customers. The result was a strong foundation for continued business growth.

  • Efficient route planning in less than half the time
  • Automated pre-routing and route start alerts for customers
  • Improved POD via integration with onboard sensors
  • Scalable year over year growth

"DispatchTrack’s routing has helped us to utilize equipment significantly more efficiently. Before adopting their solution, we were totally reliant on the knowledge of dispatchers and drivers. Now, we can actually take on more customers with the same equipment thanks to DispatchTrack."

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"Furniture Village strives to make its name synonymous with “quality” all across the UK. DispatchTrack helps us extend that promise into the delivery experience—and beyond—by empowering us to optimise routes, communicate with customers, and boost visibility."

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