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Powering Up Customer Service in Healthcare Deliveries

"DispatchTrack has revolutionized our delivery experience, reduced costs and made us more sustainable by reducing the amount of miles and fuel we use"

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Distribution and Logistics

Vision Logistics prides itself on being the UK’s leading logistics provider for prescribed healthcare products. They wanted to empower smarter, more efficient deliveries—but their legacy routing technology wasn’t getting the job done.

The Challenge:

Because they specialize in healthcare deliveries, direct to home and ‘over the threshold’, delivering to as many stops per day with complete transparency was imperative. Not only that, but they needed to be able to seamlessly comply with NHS and regulations for data privacy—all delivery events had to be logged in such a way as to be auditable as needed, all while complying with GDPR requirements. This meant they had to choose a routing and delivery management solution carefully.

The Solution:

By partnering with DispatchTrack, Vision Logistics found a partner that was able to meet their routing and data visibility needs. Our solution offered:

  • AI-powered route optimisation to empower more stops per day
  • Complete transparency through barcode scanning as items are loaded on and off trucks
  • End to end delivery visibility in real-time before, during, and after
  • UK-based servers to ensure easy data compliance
  • A first time delivery success rate of 99.8%

DispatchTrack’s routing technology factors in historical traffic patterns, service time, and driver speed and skill factors, enabling delivery ETAs with 98% accuracy. By leveraging this functionality, Vision Logistics hoped to get more out of their existing delivery capacity. Likewise, DispatchTrack offered them the tools they needed to keep customers informed about their deliveries ahead of time and track every delivery run as it was unfolding in real time.

The Results:

Barcode scanning enabled Vision Logistics’ drivers to load and offload significantly more quickly. At the same time, DispatchTrack’s route optimization has meant Vision Logistics has been able to complete 23% more stops per day, all while documenting their deliveries with photographs and signatures. This increased efficiency has resulted in fewer miles driven and thus a reduced carbon footprint per delivery by 7%.

Vision Logistics was also able to achieve full data compliance and continue earning the trust of the NHS and other key healthcare-related organizations in the UK. At the end of the day, these improvements laid the foundation for significant business growth. 

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