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Apr 15th, 2020    4 Min Read   

Perfecting the last-mile delivery is the new battleground for online sellers. This is the reason why more businesses are ditching manual methods of vehicle routing and scheduling. Making way for advanced technologies that help at every step of the supply chain process is critical for improved operations and higher profit margins.

The driver shortage, inefficient use of vehicle capacity, and increased traffic congestion are some of the challenges faced by sellers offering last-mile delivery. Old ways of loading goods to vehicles, communicating with drivers, route planning just won’t cut it today where competition has become more intense. But better fleet management for higher profits and customer satisfaction is made possible with the right investments in technology.

Here’s a run-down of what technology like vehicle routing software and vehicle scheduling software can do for any company engaged in deliveries.

Vehicle Scheduling and Routing Software: Key Benefits

Greater Visibility

Without telematics, fleet managers rely soley on the word and responsiveness of their drivers to learn about their activities in the field. But with a fleet management solution, supervisors can rely on the vehicles’ GPS to determine where and what their fleet drivers are doing at the moment. Aside from real-time information, managers can also assess their team’s performance on the job using various metrics generated by the system. These would include time to service each stop, capacity usage, alternative available resources, customer time window violations, and route profitability.

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Efficient Dispatching

Automation allows for a more effective dispatch system by improving the coordination of drivers and dispatchers to streamlined operations. With real-time planning tools, there’s better facilitation of new assignment orders and more significant route optimization despite the challenges of same-day deliveries.

Improve Fleet Navigation

The navigation systems can considerably improve the efficiency of drivers on the road. The benefits:

  • Reduction of miles driven and costs of vehicle maintenance
  • Minimize reliance on dispatch and scheduling team
  • Improve customer satisfaction with real-time communication between customer and driver
  • Safer driver behavior across the fleet
  • Ensuring compliance with commercial vehicle restrictions

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Leveraging technology for routing and vehicle scheduling in the supply chain management process leads to higher customer satisfaction. The improved workflow execution ensures on-time deliveries along with the capability for two-way communication between clients and drivers. These are the elements that make for happy customers.

There’s a lot of wasted efforts and resources in the old ways of route planning and scheduling. Carefully planned routes can only go so far. Responding to real-time situations of the roads, maximizing loads, and the tracking of goods in each vehicle are unmanageable in the absence of dispatch and scheduling automation. With industry players facing challenges such as higher customer expectations and stiff competition, investing in technological solutions like vehicle routing and scheduling software is the way to cope.

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