Reservation System

When the merchandize is arriving at the warehouse, the effort it takes to contact customers to book the delivery day can be enormous. It can take up to 2.5 calls before you are able to reach the customer to book an appointment date. Also, when booking the appointments you need to be careful to not overbook your trucks, or you will need to call the customers again to unbook them and reschedule for another day. Until you have the stops finalized for a day it does not make sense to start routing and hence product cannot be loaded into the trucks.

DispatchTrack Reservation System automates the appointment booking process by while being aware of your truck capacities. Customers are given a choice of appointments so that they feel in control of their schedules, thereby giving them great experience.


As DispatchTrack sends out automated notifications, customers will be presented with dates and time windows based on what is still available. As customers book their appointments, the system dynamically deducts from available capacity so that the next customer will never see an appointment that may result in over-booking.

Capacity by stops
Capacity by Volume
Dynamic appointments

Several times your capacity is not just a fixed capacity for a day, but capacity by a segment of your business. DispatchTrack can figure out how much capacity you have per client, or for certain service or even by a geographical region


 Zones by Zipcode

You can define geographic boundaries for your capacity as a set of zip codes. For example, you can allocate 40 stops for each Monday from 8 am to 12 pm for a set of Zipcodes, and a different capacity for a different set of Zipcodes for the same time window.

 Zones by Geocoding

You can define geographic boundaries for your capacity by visually plotting it on a map. You can even have overlapping geographic zones. DispatchTrack will dynamically figure out the zone for a customer and only present them with appointments that are allocated for that day.

For further seamless experience, Reservation System is also available via an API so that you can connect it with your POS system and the Sales Rep is able to book appointments in the same interface as the POS system.


“ DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.”

— Tony Mitchell

General Manager, American Furniture Warehouse

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