Pictures and Notes

Proof of Delivery and Notes Made Simple

The DispatchTrack mobile app is a powerful extension of our core system that provides your drivers with an easy way to document each delivery.

DispatchTrack App Tools and Features for Your Driver:

  • Paperless Mobile Dispatch
  • Ability to Add Notes Directly to Orders
  • A Simple way to Link Pictures & Signature to Each Delivery

Document the full chain-of-custody with the pictures feature that allows drivers to collect as many images as they need to verify spoilage or the freshness of the cargo. Without proof, cases could be miscounted or lost and blamed on your drivers, leading to a hit on your reputation or false liabilities.

The mobile app lets your drivers quickly add notes for complicated situations and collect a signature to verify exchange properly. Remove any guesswork concerning deliveries by collecting proof at every step — all of which is automatically Geo and time-stamped for future reference.


“We are seeing immediate benefits after implementing DispatchTrack. Our routes are more efficient, our cost per stop is down, and the driver morales has improved.”

— Lee Goodman

CEO, Jeromes


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