Driver Management

Know your Good Drivers from Bad Drivers

When a customer purchases their merchandise, the moment the driver delivers it at their home is when they realize the dream of their beautiful home design. A driver is the last point of contact for the customer, and the customer’s experience with the delivery experience highly influences their satisfaction with the retail store. In furniture and appliance home delivery, a driver is not only responsible for driving the truck or handling the heavy and expensive merchandise, but they are also highly responsible for customer satisfaction.

Furniture and appliance supplier businesses’ success heavily depends on the quality of the driver’s work. While the quality of the driver’s interaction with customers is critical, there is a dire need of mindful drivers on the road to keep the high value merchandise in good condition. Drivers need to adhere to the rules, drive safely, and be punctual with the customer's time window.

When your drivers are on the road their driving habits, particularly bad driving habits can be a liability for you. You want to be able to track bad driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, hard acceleration, and harsh cornering so that you can train them to become better drivers before accidents happen. Also, you want to know who are your good drivers are, to be able to acknowledge them.

Good drivers can be a great asset to the delivery organization as they are the ones who are in the last mile delivery and could be taken by customers to represent your organization! When they do a good job, it is a great value addition to you and you could even do upselling through them. But how do you know who are your good drivers?

Engine On/Off
Hard Braking
Harsh Cornering

You need proper metrics to measure every aspect of your driver’s work, from their driving behavior and merchandise handling to their customer management. What you measure is what you can improve.

Drivers in trucking industry are a disappearing tribe, especially the good ones. With changing preferences, it is difficult to find drivers for the long distance deliveries and the more stringent norms imposed on the drivers by the Government, it is all the more challenging. And, drivers are a critical link in your supply chain as they are the ones directly interacting with your customers. So, your customers are going to voice their good and bad feedback with the drivers. Therefore, you need to build a way to monitor, measure and track your drivers’ habits. You need to track their compliance on safety and other regulations. In addition to these, you also need to know how efficient they are in maintaining time, fuel efficiency, good driving habits, etc. Government also imposes certain regulations on the drivers which you have to be aware of and monitor to ensure you don't end up paying penalties for bad driving habits and not having the documents/licenses/permits that are stipulated by the law.

You can focus on providing customer satisfaction while DispatchTrack solution takes care of the Driver Management and manages all your problems. Our solution has a way of alerting the drivers on the road if the speed limit is exceeding the prescribed or, fuels is not being used efficiently, etc. to name a few. When you are able to differentiate the good drivers from the bad, you can find ways to incentivize furthering good habits and also ensure that training or other measures be provided to improve the bad habits.


“Accuracy, accountability, coaching opportunity and performance improvements are all enhanced with DispatchTrack.”

— Norman Alegria

Director Guest Care, The Dufresne Group


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