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Furniture and appliance deliveries are complex, due to the number of parties involved in the supply chain. Additionally, customer expectations are high, as their products are expensive.

From the time when a customer purchases their furniture or appliance from a retailer, to when the merchandise finally arrives at the customer’s home, the order goes through multiple steps and multiple parties. Warehousing the merchandise, retrieving it from the right location, unboxing and preparing the merchandise to be loaded into the truck, and driving the merchandise to the customer, all require multiple steps. All these steps involve multiple parties handling of the expensive merchandise under a hard time pressure.

In most peoples’ lives, right after home and car purchases, furniture and home appliances are their next highest expenses. Consumers generally spend a lot of time designing their homes and saving up money to buy their beautiful furniture. So when they finally purchase the merchandise, they have high expectations.

In an era where the customer can purchase anything with a click of a button, they have the ability to share their feedback about retailers to a trusted and captive audience, their social media. Now more than ever, customers are expressing that they have a choice, and more importantly, a voice.

All of this has increased competition among retailers. We don’t just compete locally, but with anybody accessible to the customer online. No matter the amount of marketing a retailer may do, the internet and social media reviews strongly influence a buyer’s choice. In this environment, furniture and appliance retailers, and the 3PL delivery partners are under pressure to stay competitive.


“DispatchTrack allows us to get delivery problems resolved much quicker!”

— Trey Smith

Vice President, Ivan Smith

Here are some of the challenges of the industry today: