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RC Willey Case Study

"What DispatchTrack has continued to do to develop their product has been life-changing. The enhancements they’ve made, particularly in notifications, were a game-changer"

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Furniture & Appliance

RC Willey, one of the nation's top furniture retailers, has been recognized for excellence for more than 90 years. In 2019, they partnered with DispatchTrack to improve the experience they offered to customers while significantly boostin  the efficiency of their own processes.

The Challenge:

Since they would need to roll out a new solution no matter what, they widened their net to see if any solutions on the market could help them more effectively forward their vision for efficient customer service and prioritize their needs in a way that their current solution no longer could. Specifically, they hoped to find a solution that could help them digitize processes that had previously been paper-based, such as proof of delivery and route manifests. They were also in search of a solution that could handle customer notifications in addition to routing in order to help them get away from manual processes like calling customers with a reminder the night before their deliveries. 

The Solution:

By partnering with DispatchTrack, RC Willey was able to get a more complete solution—one that combined route optimization with communications tools to improve the experience they offered to customers while significantly improving the efficiency of their own processes. 

Our platform offered:

  • AI-powered route optimization
  • Branded, streamlined customer communications via text and email three days before the delivery, the night before, and when the route had started
  • Real-time last mile visibility and exception management
  • Paperless proof of delivery and loading/unloading via the driver mobile app
  • Robust training and onboarding assistance to ensure an efficient rollout

To ensure an efficient transition to the DispatchTrack platform, we were able to offer a test environment to train drivers on the new mobile app, enabling RC Willey to achieve a high adoption rate right off the bat. 

The Results:

By enabling RC Willey to digitize their last mile logistics processes, DispatchTrack empowered significant cost savings on paper alone. At the same time, RC Willey was suddenly able to communicate with customers at scale. Not only did this improve the customer experience, it also enabled RC Willey to uncover cancellations before the orders had been picked, meaning they could use that truck capacity for other deliveries. 

The upshot is that they were able to deliver more orders with the same number of resources—all while providing a customer delivery experience that was worthy of their brand.  

  • Increased fleet capacity utilization
  • Significant time and labor savings on processing paper proof of delivery and other paper-based processes
  • Fewer spurious insurance claims via photo proof of delivery
  • Faster, better documented exception management  

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