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ProMed Supplies Case Study

"At ProMed, our top priority is giving our customers what they need to succeed—and that’s exactly what DispatchTrack empowers us to do. The DispatchTrack platform has helped us speed up routing, improve visibility across our deliveries, boost connectivity with drivers in the field, and offer a world-class delivery experience to our customers. The effect is a total digital transformation of our last mile deliveries"

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Distribution and Logistics

ProMed Supplies is committed to offering the highest possible quality to its customers. That’s why its diverse line of medical supplies and promotional products are carefully selected to help home care companies retain business and satisfy their customers. Success in this area depends on being able to offer total transparency and dependability to customers—which is precisely why ProMed started to think seriously about transforming its last mile delivery operations.

The Challenge

ProMed knew that their current processes—manually plotting routes in Excel, calling customers individually, and performing data entry on route performance by hand—could be upgraded with the right technology and workflows. They were seeking a way to increase efficiency by automating as much of their routing (and other workflows) as possible, more easily track customer delivery confirmation statuses, and capture robust proof of delivery. That’s exactly where DispatchTrack came in. 

The Solution 

By partnering with DispatchTrack, ProMed was able to implement a proven solution designed to streamline delivery processes, cut down manual effort, and provide end-to-end last mile delivery visibility. 

Our platform offered:

  • Automated route optimization for generating more efficient routes in less time
  • Flexible routing tools for easily adjusting system-generated routes
  • Delivery schedule calls to customers with automated confirmation tracking
  • Proof of delivery of signatures, pictures, to ensure an audit trail for each and every delivery
  • Automated route manifest export to save time and reduce manual data entry errors
  • Customized delivery receipts to ensure a world-class experience for their customers

The Results

As of the initial rollout, DispatchTrack’s end-to-end SaaS platform is helping ProMed tackle their last mile delivery challenges head on. Routing is already significantly quicker, and the resulting routes are more efficient. At the same time, they’re documenting their deliveries in a much more consistent way via proof of delivery in the driver mobile app. The result is better delivery experiences for their customers—and streamlined internal processes. 

  • More efficient routes in radically less time
  • Fewer missed deliveries thanks to improved customer visibility
  • Better delivery documentation through electronic POD
  • Eliminated manual data entry for route manifests

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