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Olimpica Case Study

Maria alejandra Carbono
"Before DispatchTrack we were averaging 17 deliveries per vehicle. Today we can make 24 to 26 deliveries per vehicle, making a positive economic impact on Olimpica superstores and helping the environment."

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Retail and CPG

Olímpica S.A. operates more than 350 superstores throughout Colombia. Offering everything from cucumbers to computers to clothing, the chain is the largest Colombian-owned retailer.

The Challenge

With its large scale and wide geographic footprint, Olimpica needed to improve its last-mile operations with better strategic planning and highly optimized routes.

DispatchTrack has enabled the company to significantly improve both delivery times and customer satisfaction.

“Initially we had an on-time delivery rate of 88%. Soon after we implemented DispatchTrack we achieved an on-time rate of 97%," says Dairon Charris, TMS Functional Leader for Olimpica.

The Solution

With DispatchTrack, Olimpica found a technology partner that could improve its route planning and management and reduce uncertainty for its customers.

Our solution offered:

  • Digital signatures and photos in proof of delivery to increase delivery transparency
  • Real-time tracking of orders
  • Direct communication with the DispatchTrack support team to immediately resolve questions
  • High software availability and uptime
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to find opportunities to improve service
  • Direct communication with drivers

The Results

  • Simple and efficient integration
  • Improved tracking and visibility during shipment
  • Assurance that the order was delivered to the customer on time

DispatchTrack enables Olimpica to manage the last mile more efficiently and deliver orders more quickly.

"Thanks to DispatchTrack, Edimca has total control of our delivery times."

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