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DispatchTrack Introduces Automated Data Integration with NetSuite

New “Built for NetSuite” SuiteApp seamlessly connects delivery information between DispatchTrack and NetSuite; Simplifies bi-directional data flows between sales and delivery operations in real-time for 3PLs, carriers, and last mile delivery companies

DispatchTrack Data Integration with NetSuite

DispatchTrack, a last mile delivery platform that powers positive, predictable, and visible experiences for shippers, drivers, and recipients globally, today announced the release of its NetSuite integration. 3PLs, carriers, and other last mile delivery companies that make use of both enterprise platforms can now utilize the DispatchTrack “SuiteApp” to automatically import orders in real-time—and export delivery information—between DispatchTrack and NetSuite. DispatchTrack is a “Built for NetSuite” (BFN) Hybrid partner, and its connector is now publicly available on NetSuite’s public marketplace, SuiteApp.com.

This latest integration builds on DispatchTrack’s history of facilitating integrations with key players across the transportation and logistics ecosystem, from leading warehouse management solutions to transportation management solutions, as well as the key supporting systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), billing, customer relationship management (CRM), and point of sale (POS).

For current DispatchTrack users who utilize NetSuite as a PoS system, the new integration radically simplifies connectivity between the two applications. Rather than manually importing orders and order information via CSV files, users simply download the DispatchTrack SuiteApp from SuiteApp.com. The DispatchTrack system will automatically ingest order information including customer details and line item data from NetSuite and update it in the customer’s database—all in real-time. Not only does the connector speed up data sharing between two critical touchpoints, it also allows users to rapidly filter data by distribution center or other fine-granular parameters.

The native connectivity enables a significant reduction in the necessary IT time, effort, and infrastructure required to connect sales and delivery operations within a given enterprise. Dispatchers can bridge the gap between order management and delivery management—including pushing delivery statuses back to NetSuite using a simple export API—without any specialized knowledge.

“Our platform is all about visibility,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack founder and CEO. “We don’t want our customers digging around for data, or spending hours on unnecessary manual tasks to import information. Our newest connector puts NetSuite users in a position to gain that data visibility without jumping through hoops—our system does all the work, and they reap the benefits of better data velocity and reduced IT effort.”

To enable the DispatchTrack connector, current enterprise users utilizing both DispatchTrack and NetSuite can simply search for DispatchTrack on SuiteApp.com.

About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack is the leading provider of state-of-the-art high-tech software solutions for high-touch last mile deliveries. Since its founding in 2010, DispatchTrack has partnered with leading brands to make even the most complex deliveries predictable and visible while enabling seamless positive experiences in the last mile for shippers, drivers, and recipients alike. DispatchTrack’s SaaS platform simplifies scheduling for both shippers and customers, determines the best delivery route and load for each truck, tracks each shipment at every step of the way, and keeps everyone, including customers, proactively informed on the shipment’s progress. Our real-time engine turns the unpredictable into automated, fully-optimized events. From the warehouse to that “wow” moment for recipients, DispatchTrack delivers delight more than 180 million times a year.

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