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DispatchTrack Launches Hybrid Routing Solution Combining Static and Dynamic Routing to Strengthen Efficiencies and Future-Proof the Last Mile

Delivers immediate results for businesses with recurring customers and daily variations in deliveries

First to power multi-depot planning so businesses can centralize and build routes for more than one distribution center at a time and reduce trucks on the road

Hybrid routing

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DispatchTrack, the leading solution provider of right-time delivery management software, today announced the availability of its hybrid routing solution which combines static planning and dynamic routing to dramatically improve speed and efficiencies while ensuring delivery windows are met. The solution gives businesses the ability to preserve regular route schedules while also maximizing daily delivery capacity.

DispatchTrack's hybrid routing capabilities enable businesses to proactively address obstacles by enabling users to build domain knowledge and unique business or customer constraints into the system, then dynamically plan around those set factors. With hybrid routing, users can maximize capacity, consistently meet delivery time windows, quickly and easily adapt to market volatility, and factor customer tiers into routes.

Existing routes can be quickly adjusted based on new orders, exceptions, or other unknown variables that arise on the day of delivery. All adjustments, including new stops or changes to existing orders, are optimized in real-time based on established business parameters.

Dispatchers are given the ability to:

  • Route new stops around recurring commitments and anchor customers without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Easily prioritize customers based on expected revenue tiers.
  • Maximize the capacity of union drivers by default and then dynamically utilize contractors based on capacity needs.
  • Pin stops to a particular day or time and let the route optimization tool fill in other stops around them.
  • Designate specific equipment types or sizes for individual routes.

The solution is also the first of its kind to power multi-depot planning so businesses can centralize and build routes for more than one distribution center. Within a single tab, users receive a holistic view of all their distribution centers including costs associated with serving each customer. It’s easy to consolidate routes and move inventory from one distribution center to another to further reduce trucks on the road.

"Our hybrid routing solution is future-proofing last mile logistics for our customers with unprecedented speed and three times the efficiency,'' said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “It’s the best of both worlds: stability for recurring orders and the agility required to respond to volatility. Multi-depot planning provides unparalleled visibility and predictability so users can address what-if scenarios and fulfill every single customer promise."

"Since partnering with DispatchTrack, we have been able to implement our static planning tools to codify our dispatchers' specialized knowledge and create daily skeleton routes, then dynamically add and adjust stops to those routes as needed," said Luis Porto, Director, Operations Development at Quirch Foods, a food distribution company servicing ethnic and national grocers as well as foodservice distribution customers across the U.S. "DispatchTrack's hybrid routing allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings."

Benefits of combining static and dynamic routing:

  • Precise Planning - Build static routes around recurring deliveries while also accommodating new stops which can be filled in around existing stops.
  • Flexibility - Optimize routes efficiently and cost-effectively by enabling organizations to meet the needs of their top customers flexibly.
  • Fleet Optimization - Maximize the capacity of each truckload to improve utilization, deliver more stops per day, and save money without missing delivery windows.
  • Multi-Depot Routing - With full visibility into a customer’s various distribution centers, DispatchTrack consolidates routes from multiple distribution centers to reduce the number of routes or trucks needed.
  • Right-Time Delivery - Ensure each delivery is delivered at just the right moment for customers, not early or late, with 98% accuracy.

More information on DispatchTrack’s hybrid routing solution can be found here.

About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack is the leading solution provider of right-time delivery management software, helping top brands around the globe power successful deliveries 180 million times a year. Since 2010, DispatchTrack’s scalable SaaS platform has made delivery organizations more connected, agile, and intelligent using highly-configurable capabilities designed to empower better delivery management from end to end. Our proprietary AI-powered routing algorithm ensures 98% ETA accuracy in last mile deliveries, and we’re constantly innovating to improve performance and better serve our 2,000+ customers, including Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Ashley, Ferguson Enterprises, and many others. When businesses make promises to their customers—DispatchTrack makes sure they deliver.

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