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DispatchTrack Announces Updates to Its Executive Leadership Team

The company adds Ido Sakal as VP of Finance, Daren Lauda as EVP of Sales, and Tony Pecora as EVP of Marketing as part of a major push towards growth in 2021 and beyond.

DispatchTrack executive leadership

DispatchTrack, the leading provider of elevated customer experience and end-to-end optimization in last mile logistics, today announced three major additions to its executive leadership team:

  • Ido Sakal, Vice President of Finance: Ido Sakal leads the financial operations at DispatchTrack, supporting the company's continued growth and expansion. With over 15 years of valuable industry experience, Ido has built and led finance teams at several high-growth technology companies, including Vlocity and Conversica.
  • Daren Lauda, Executive Vice President of Sales: As Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Success, Daren Lauda is responsible for growing DispatchTrack’s sales and ensuring that customers derive tremendous value from the company’s industry-leading solution. Daren has been in the software industry for 25 years and has deep experience in both SaaS and transportation, including time at Teletrac Navman, Salesforce.com, Mavenlink, and PTC.
  • Tony Pecora, Executive Vice President of Marketing: Tony Pecora is Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. He is responsible for demand generation, branding, communications, partnerships, and getting the word out. Tony has extensive experience in both online and traditional marketing in the internet and software industries, including marketing roles at Compaq Computers, eBay, and Shutterfly.

Over the last ten years, DispatchTrack has built a market-leading SaaS solution that uses route optimization, last mile visibility, automated customer communications, and more to power elevated customer delivery experiences. DispatchTrack users make promises that their drivers can actually keep, building trust with customers and strengthening their brand in the process. DispatchTrack makes this possible with a best-in-class routing engine that utilizes AI and machine learning to generate ETAs that are 98% accurate, combined with constant, automated communication with end customers. This unique combination has the power to completely transform delivery logistics for enterprises in furniture and appliance, food and beverage, building supplies, transportation, and more. DispatchTrack’s value proposition provides the newly expanded executive leadership team with a strong foundation for building towards rapid growth, expansion, and market success.

"The success of DispatchTrack has always been thanks to the incredible team that we’ve assembled," said DispatchTrack CEO and founder Satish Natarajan. "As we expand into new industries and geographies, the talented, hard-working, passionate people we’ve brought together as a company will continue to be our secret to success. Ido, Daren, and Tony have already had real impacts on the business, helping us to get smarter and more effective in key areas. I can’t wait to take the next steps on DispatchTrack’s journey with them."

DispatchTrack’s expansion of its leadership team comes on the heels of its first ever funding from Spectrum Equity in 2020. The global equity firm’s $144 million growth transaction gave DispatchTrack the flexibility to continue building out a robust leadership team—while Spectrum’s ongoing mentorship and guidance helped enable the company to find and hire the most suitable possible candidates for these positions. As the business continues to work towards making last mile logistics more efficient, this partnership will continue to be a source of important support.

With the newly expanded executive leadership team in place, DispatchTrack is better positioned than ever to take a deliberate, targeted, multi-channel approach to marketing its ever-expanding product, to expand sales operations into untapped markets, and to do all the above in a financially sustainable way. For a company that’s long been committed to solving its customers’ most complex problems, this presents an opportunity to do exactly that more effectively than ever.

About DispatchTrack:

DispatchTrack is the complete customer delivery experience and last mile logistics optimization platform. Since its founding in 2010, DispatchTrack has empowered thousands of customers across multiple industries—furniture and appliance, food and beverage distribution, building supplies, third party logistics, and many others—to plan and manage all last mile touchpoints with flexible, easy-to-use features. Our end-to-end, AI-powered, SaaS-based platform helps users automatically route and schedule deliveries, communicate with end customers, and track the entire last mile in real time. The result is streamlined last mile operations and elevated customer delivery experiences for more than 60 million deliveries each year. For more information, visit our website at dispatchtrack.com, or contact us directly at 1-866-437-3573 or sales@dispatchtrack.com.

For press inquiries, email brian@dispatchtrack.com

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