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DispatchTrack Launches a Vertical Solution for Building Supplies

New industry-focused solution enables building supplies distributors to deliver with precision at scale–the right inventory with the correct count, delivered to the exact right location

How to Boost Delivery NPS in Building Supplies Distribution

Campbell, CA – April 9th, 2024 – DispatchTrack, the global leader in last mile delivery solutions, today announced further expansion into the building supplies sector with the launch of an industry vertical solution, DispatchTrack for Building Supplies. The new comprehensive solution is designed to meet all of the delivery requirements of the industry’s last mile–all within a single SaaS solution.

The last mile in building supplies delivery requires precision timing and total delivery accuracy. At highly dynamic job sites with tight schedules, there is little room for delivery errors. Builders need the right inventory at the right time to stay on schedule, and any delays can have a substantial impact on the bottom line. DispatchTrack’s new industry solution for building supplies distributors features capabilities built to keep pace with the speed of the industry—all while enabling the degree of precision in their last mile deliveries that distributors need to keep their customers happy. 

Support for every step of the last mile journey

Whether you’re distributing garden supplies, lumber, or specialized plumbing equipment DispatchTrack’s solution supports you at every step in the last mile journey:

  1. Flexible pallet scanning for quickly loading and unloading goods
  2. Transfer shuttles from the warehouse to the branches
  3. Next generation route optimization to coordinate customer availability, vehicle and technician assignments, and variable capacity
  4. Mixed fleet capabilities to leverage both internal and external delivery options
  5. Options for next day/same day priority shipments for urgent deliveries
  6. Digitized proof of delivery for post delivery authentication, on-site item based services, and digital documentation for payment
  7. Best-in-class customer experience including timely, full-lifecycle communications and live delivery tracking
  8. Sales and customer service tools for customer follow up

Prioritizing customer experience throughout

For DispatchTrack, the last mile is not just about moving inventory. Customer centric experiences are what separate great last mile operations. To keep customers engaged and informed throughout the delivery, DispatchTrack’s solution features a robust set of customer communication capabilities to provide personalized updates as well as will call, customer pickup options, and easy returns for over-shipped inventory.

DispatchTrack for Building Supplies is fast to implement, with a modern and intuitive UI/UX and an evolving product roadmap that provides new capabilities for an industry in a constant state of evolution.

“Building supplies distributors need a way to cut through the chaos that comes from high expectations and complex operations,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “Unfortunately, there hasn’t historically been an easy way to make that happen, and the result has been that it can sometimes feel impossible to get the right items to the right place at the right time—and then get paid for it in a timely manner. DispatchTrack for Building Supplies is designed to provide an accessible, fast-to-implement solution that solves this problem head on. We want building supplies distributors to gain total visibility into their delivery operations, streamline their planning and execution, and ultimately feel empowered to delight their customers with every delivery.”

Learn more about DispatchTrack for Building Supplies here.

About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack is the global leader in last mile delivery solutions, helping top brands around the globe power successful deliveries 1 million times a day. Since 2010, DispatchTrack’s scalable SaaS platform has made delivery organizations more connected, agile, and intelligent using highly configurable capabilities designed to empower better delivery management from end to end. Our proprietary AI-powered routing algorithm ensures 98% ETA accuracy in last mile deliveries, and we’re constantly innovating to improve performance and better serve our 2,500+ global customers, including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Ashley, Ferguson Enterprises, Cargill, McCain Foods, and many others. When businesses make promises to their customers—DispatchTrack makes sure they deliver. 

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